Vidya Colors Unexpected shocker Upcoming new twists

Vidya Colors Unexpected shocker Upcoming new twists

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Vidya Colors Unexpected shocker Upcoming new twists Colors’ Vidya brings new twists in the new episodes. The show is still getting new episodes amidst the Covid-19 outbreak situation, where the ongoing shows on other channels have already stopped. The new twists show the pharmaceutical scam racket. Vivek and Vidya get caught by the fraudsters, who want their truth to get sealed some how. The goons threaten to kill Vivek, Vidya and the girl who witnessed their racket running.

They ask Vivek to better keep his mouth shut, or they will make him silent forever by killing him. Vivek isn’t scared of anyone, and so is Vidya. Vidya tells the goons that she isn’t scared to die, she will save the people’s lives by exposing the fraud. She wants to get the evil goons punished by the law.

The goons compel Vidya and Vivek to slap each other, so that they make some fun moments. Vidya refuses to slap her husband, which is against her morals. Vivek makes a plan to mislead the goons. He asks Vidya to slap him. Vidya plays the slap drama on his word and then they together turn the tables. They take charge of the situation by getting the goons at the gunpoint. There is a hilarious banter between Vivek and Vidya, unseen before. They fight like normal couples do and keep the goons engaged.

Vivek tells the goons that he will be getting them arrested now. His plan works, while Vidya is sent outside to call the cops. Vidya isn’t aware of the danger Vivek is in. She rushes to inform the police, hoping to end the matter soon. Vivek gets into a fight with the goons and bashes them up. He doesn’t deter from his duties and protects the little girl’s life. On the other hand, there is a parallel love track of Avtaar and Mahek. Avtaar realizes Mahek’s real love and goes to profess love to her. Mahek is surprised to see his gentleman’s avatar.

Sony Big twists Mere Dad Two stunning love stories begin

Avtaar sings and dances for her. He tells her that he is ready to become anything for her, he can stay as her servant all his life just to see her smiling. Mahek is all smiling, which gives him hopes that she will accept his proposal. A shocking twist comes when Mahek breaks Avtaar’s heart by making fun of his true sentiments. How will Avtaar take this heartbreak? Keep reading.

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