YRKKH Today Journey of Kaira Special Hotstar Starplus

YRKKH Today Journey of Kaira Special Hotstar Starplus

YRKKH Today Journey of Kaira Special Hotstar Starplus topper Kartik and Naira undergo the twists in their lives. They meet in Mumbai after a short separation because of Shubham’s death. They have a moment in the temple, where they share the kumkum tika. He wants to know if she is fine. She doesn’t want any false hopes in her life, knowing Kartik and Suwarna will never forgive her for Shubham’s death.

When they meet for filing divorce, Kartik and Naira prove that they still care for each other. The lawyers understand that they are inseparable, by their utmost caring behavior. The lawyers suggest them to get back together and reconcile, since they still have hope left in their marriage. Kartik and Naira are much hurt since Suwarna isn’t ready to forgive Naira. The reason for the divorce gets mutual.

They don’t want the divorce battle to get ugly. The lawyers ask them not to show hope in front of the judge, else their case will be stalled. Another instance when Kartik and Naira evolve as a couple is Mansi and Anmol’s marriage. Kartik and Naira relive their marriage moments while shouldering responsibilities towards their families. They go for the divorce proceedings while keeping silence in their hearts. They fight the inner conflicts. They want to refuse for the divorce. Until they think of refusing, the judge grants them the divorce.

They get helpless after delaying to express their emotions. Kartik and Naira shatter in the moment when they part ways. Rajshri steps in to explain them that they are made for each other. Kartik and Naira realize their worth in each other’s lives in the moment of deep sorrow. Kartik apologizes to Naira and begs her to return in his life. She also comes up with an apology, realizing her mistakes in failing to keep her marriage.

Luckily, love strikes them again and they decide to get married again, after winning Suwarna’s faith. Suwarna understands that Naira means happiness for Goenkas. They profess love to each other and unite, deciding to get married again.

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