Ishq SubhanAllah Zee5 Love realization for Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah Zee5 Love realization for Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah Zee5 Love realization for Kabeer Shahrukh suspects Zara after finding Firdaus crying and unwilling to go with Zara. He thinks Zara is kidnapping the girls. He confronts Zara about her relation with the girls. He learns that she is related to them and isn’t harming them. Kabeer learns about a guy troubling Zara with his questions.

He thinks of reaching Zara and help her out. Shahrukh apologizes to Zara for misunderstanding her. She tells him that child trafficking can’t be stopped so soon, she has also attempted to punish the wrong doers. He realizes their common goals and interests. Kabeer reaches there and misses to see Shahrukh. He goes jealous and questions Zara about the guy. She lies that the guy liked her and took her number to send the alliance for her.

She makes Kabeer more jealous. She tells him that she is just joking, the guy was concerned for Firdaus. He asks her not to believe any guy who may conceal his true intentions. He takes Zara home. He plans to entertain the kids. He tells them that they will make pizza at home. Soon, Kabeer’s cooking classes begin for the kids. Zara likes to spend time with him. The kids love the pizza made by him. Kabeer tells Zara that she should also have the pizza. She forcibly feeds him the pizza, while getting the picture captured. Irfan asks Zara to agree for marriage, since he is done explaining her.

Salma tells him that she has found someone for Zara already, she will make her agree. She introduces Shahrukh to Irfan and Kabeer as her relative. Kabeer speaks to Shahrukh and finds him a good person. Salma praises Shahrukh so much that Kabeer thinks he is the prospective groom for Zara. Zara returns home and recalls Salma’s words. Zara had planted Shahrukh with the alliance for her goals. She knows that Shahrukh is already married. She tells Salma that they can help Shahrukh in catching Shahbaz and Jalali red-handed by using Shahrukh’s contacts and power.

She wants to fulfill her promise towards Kabeer. Shahrukh agrees to help Zara. Zara tells her that she is ready for the marriage if the family likes him. She keeps her condition, that Shahrukh will have to prove himself a good person like Kabeer. Kabeer is stunned by her kiddish condition. He tells Zara that there can none be like him, Shahrukh is different and really a good person. He wants her to go ahead and marry Shahrukh. Salma is worried that Kabeer and Irfan will not forgive her on knowing their plan. Zara thanks her for taking the big risk. Salma doesn’t want Zara to thank. Irfan asks Salma to call Shahrukh’s family.

This makes Salma speechless. Zara handles the matter. Salma feels they have to lie a lot to hide one big lie. Kabeer doesn’t know that Shahrukh is married and is summoned by Zara itself. He tells Shahrukh about Zara’s one-sided love for him. He confesses that he cares for Zara, but just like a good friend, he doesn’t love her. He feels Zara isn’t made for him, despite the fact that she is a great girl. Shahrukh asks Kabeer why doesn’t he love Zara. Kabeer tells that he just loves his ex-wife Zara, she has passed away, but still in his heart. He tells that love can’t be repeated, he is happy with her memories.

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He doesn’t want Shahrukh to take Zara’s infatuation seriously, she is immature. He wants Shahrukh to impress Zara and convince her for marriage. He feels sorrowful for Zara, who never got any happiness or wishes fulfilled in her life. He reveals Zara’s kiddish wishes. Shahrukh assures that he will guarantee Zara’s happiness. Kabeer arranges the gifts for Zara on Shahrukh’s behalf. Shahrukh tries to make Kabeer realize his love for Zara, since Kabeer is going against his personality for her sake.

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