Kundali Bhagya April Fools Biggest news to shock

Kundali Bhagya April Fools Biggest news to shock

Kundali Bhagya April Fools Biggest news to shock The show went on break when Karan and Mahira’s marriage track was going on. Preeta was confused whether she should intervene to stop the marriage or not. She stayed home, until Mahira came to meet her and provoke her by revealing the ugly truth that Sherlyn and she attacked Mahesh to kill.

Preeta is sure as of now that Mahira isn’t a good person to become part of Luthra family, just like Sherlyn. She thinks if both the Bahus are evil, then the family will really face a doom. Mahira wins over Karan’s heart by taking control on everyone in his family by her super duper lies and cunning plans.

Sherlyn is assisting her in making everyone’s life a living hell. Mahira is super sure that Preeta will never dare to strike back at her happiness. Preeta and Karan become a past couple for her. Mahira knows that Karan dumped Preeta by his own wish, since he wanted revenge on her. She fuels the fire of revenge in Karan’s mind. She convinces Karan to marry her, since its the only way to protect his family from Preeta. Preeta realizes that Mahira is too dangerous and makes a plan to halt the marriage, by taking Shrishti’s help.

While the story goes right till now, the biggest shocking news comes today on the Zee5 app around Kundali Bhagya’s game changer twist, that Karan marries Mahira while Preeta fails to stop his marriage in time. Preeta is touted as the big loser, who failed to achieve as love. The fake news is such happening that viewers would wish that it really happens. Since Karan just deserves a girl like Mahira. He never valued Preeta or trusted her. He didn’t even pay her deserved respect. The news is about Karan marrying Mahira, and then ousting Preeta so that she moves on in her life.

Kasautii Bajaj Prerna jodi wanted or not?

Also the leap track coming with Preeta’s new look after her separation with cricket celebrity Karan Luthra. The April fools spoiler tells about the three year leap, Mahesh’s death, Karan and Preeta’s meeting at the cricket grounds, where they are part of the opposite teams, their new love story picking up gradually. Sounds exciting though, a new Kundali and a new Bhagya. Nevertheless, the story will pick up from the same point while Preeta gushes and rushes to stop Karan and Mahira’s marriage, bearing the humiliation inputs from Kareena, Sherlyn and Ramona. Do you think the April fools story is better than the original? Shoot down your comments below.


  1. Not at all ab kabtak unlog ko expose nai karenge….. Agr aisa ho gaya toh story ek dum bakwas ho jaegi… Karans master plan ek umeed jagah raha ke sb theek hojaega real story is good thn April fools story we want that story not this one plz hamare emotions ke 7 mat kheliye agar aisa kuch huwa mai kundali dekhna hi band kardungi ?

  2. I like it too much u know the best part of ekta kapoor is that in her shows the lead returns with much determination. But I want sherlyn and maira and of couse prithvi to be exposed.

  3. Hi.. Every often mahira nd sheryln come up with plan nd executes superbly without any hurdles. It’s really disgusting to see that… Apart from that how ignorantly kareena aunt supports them … I wish to see the exposing part…

  4. Agar aisa hoga to yeh ek bakwas sense less n meaning less show ban jayega.mujhe nahi dekhna aisi Kundali or bhagya..at least Sarlyn,Prithvi aur Mahira ko to expose karde makers… Reality ko hi chalne do April fool nahi chahiye


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