Starplus IPKKND Khushi Arnav bumping meet Season 1

Starplus IPKKND Khushi Arnav bumping meet Season 1

Starplus IPKKND Khushi Arnav bumping meet Season 1 Khushi gets defamed by Arnav’s move to leak the fashion show footage on the news channels. She gets speechless when the people taunt her for her cheap ways to woo a rich man. She knows that it was an unintentional blunder. She can’t tolerate the people speaking ill about Shashi and Garima.

Arnav learns that the footage is released. He thinks it will be an answer. Khushi tells Garima that she had told her about getting stuck in the program. Few eve-teasers get after Khushi and Garima. Shashi intervenes to save Khushi, and ends up getting hurt. Shyam comes to rescue Khushi and Shashi. He stops the goons from hurting Khushi and bashes them up. He heroically fights the goons, single-handedly. He teaches them a good lesson.

Shashi is left impressed with him. Shyam treats him nicely with respect. Shashi thinks Shyam is a nice person. Shyam gets to see Khushi and is stunned by her beauty. She looks scared of the fight and hides behind Garima. Shyam returns her dupatta to help her. He pays them respect and sends them home. Shashi, Garima and Khushi return home. They face Bua’s blasting anger. Bua blames Khushi for the defamation. Shashi asks Bua not to take the matter on her heart. She calls Khushi a big problem for the family. Garima is much shattered. She tells that she isn’t able to tolerate everything.

She asks Khushi to go to Delhi and stay away from the family. Shashi wants Bua to go with Khushi. He finds hard to part away his daughters. Arnav expresses his anger when Anjali applies the tilak to him. He doesn’t have any belief in God now. She tells him that she has a new wish, that he gets a good bride. She wants him to get married soon. She asks him if the girl is the video is the girl he loves. Arnav clears her misunderstanding. She asks him why did he do this intentionally without thinking about that girl.

Khushi tells Payal that she can’t live without Shashi and Garima. She wants to find out the truth and save the family from defamation. Anjali acts to be annoyed with Arnav. He calms down and shows his caring side. He wants her to go home. She pulls his leg about Khushi. Payal and Khushi head to news channel office to find the truth. The reporters see Khushi and start their embarrassing talk again. Payal worries for Khushi, who becomes the reporters’ target. Khushi and Payal face the humiliation. Khushi lectures the reporters to make them feel ashamed of themselves for defaming a girl like this.

The reporter apologizes to Khushi for his mistake. Khushi takes his help and learns that Arnav had sent the clippings to the news channel. Bua, Khushi and Payal land in Delhi. Khushi meets Arnav again, after bumping into his car. Arnav and Khushi’s story move a step ahead on their next meet.

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