Finale Sony Mere Dad Amber Guneet super dinner date

Finale Sony Mere Dad Amber Guneet super dinner date

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Finale Sony Mere Dad Amber Guneet super dinner date Amber goes to meet Guneet and invite her for the dinner. Guneet asks him the reason for coming. He tells her that he wanted to speak to her. He blurts out that he sees her everywhere these days. He asks her about Pammi. She tells that Pammi went out and also had plans with Nia. He is glad that Nia is handling Pammi.

He tells that he is also alone, since Nia has gone out with friends. He asks her for dinner. She tells him that its time for lunch, she will have dinner at night. He laughs out and feels he is stupid. She tells him that she didn’t knew that he will laugh on her jokes, he looks good when he laughs. She tells that they have wasted much time in fights and now they shall be friends. He tells her that he has decided to just have love bond, no more fights.

Kabir wants to go to Nia. Swara asks him where is he going. Shri wants to know it too. Kabir tells that its personal and he won’t tell anyone. He jokes that he is going to his wife. Shri apologizes. Kabir tells that he is going to meet Nia to help her in some matter. Swara asks him to carry on. She tells him that she will manage the work. Shri asks Swara if she is really interested in Kabir. She doesn’t want to mix personal and professional lives. He asks her if she never did this before. She finds him smart to ask it indirectly.

She accepts that Kabir and she liked each other a lot when they studied together, then they took up different jobs and chosen different paths, she never told her feelings to Kabir. She tells that she asked Kabir once about their relation and he refused. Shri asks her if there is no chance now. She asks him if she holds a chance. He tells that Kabir and Nia are just good friends, so she still holds a chance to get back in Kabir’s life. Amber tells Guneet that they will never fight from now on, the ambience will be filled with fun, love and laughter, so that they live longer.

Guneet asks him which Guru is he attending these days, his change is good. She tells that she also wants to meet his Guru. He tells her that they will have dinner together. She asks the reason for dining together. He tells her that he doesn’t have anyone to dine with. She tells that he always dines alone when Nia isn’t home. He asks if she is refusing. He tries to convince her. She agrees to have dinner with him, if he is agreeing to make dishes as per her likes. He tells that he needs to talk to her. She gets clueless.

He tells that he will talk while dining. She offers help in cooking. She wonders what is he up to, what does he want to talk, if he wants to remove her from his house. She doesn’t think so. She thinks maybe he is going to tell her about his online friend. She looks forward to the dinner date. Will Amber express his feelings to Guneet on the dinner date, as they were supposed to meet before with their online identities? Keep reading.

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