Guddan Upcoming Ganga slapped exposed condemned

Guddan Latest Update Ganga gets warned 3rd August

Guddan Upcoming Ganga slapped exposed condemned Guddan gets to see Ganga’s real truth. It so happens that Guddan gets angry on Saraswati in the party. Saraswati feels humiliated in front of everyone. Guddan then introduces Ganga as the new member of the family. She pays much respect to Ganga and Avinash.

Ganga is very happy and thinks Guddan is the one who has involved her in the family. She becomes Guddan’s admirer. After the twists, Guddan and Akshat will be seen romancing. They get too busy in themselves. They hide from the family and have a romantic moment. They get caught by the entire family. They slip into the odd moment.

Guddan gets praised by Ganga for her hardships to unite the family. Guddan is thankful to Ganga. She doesn’t think that Ganga is planning something evil against the family/ Guddan is loved and praised by the entire Jindal family, who feels lucky to have her. Akshat too thanks Guddan for always supporting him and his family during the life’s worst times. Guddan likes to get admired. Akshat is happy that he is finally free of Antara. He enjoys living his life with his favorite Guddan.

Ganga then exhibits her madness. She targets Saraswati who was causing troubles in Guddan’s life. She kidnaps Saraswati and keeps her in the dark cell, where she tortures her a lot, making her repent for troubling Guddan. She reveals that she is Guddan’s big fan and can’t see anyone hurting her. She expresses her obsessed admiration for Guddan. Saraswati shouts for help. Guddan reaches to rescue Saraswati. She sees the ugly side of Ganga and slaps her. She scolds Ganga for falling so slow and calling her crime a sign of devotion. She pledges to keep Ganga away from the Jindal family together? Keep reading.


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