Starplus IPKKND Arnav huge demand stuns Khushi

Starplus IPKKND Arnav huge demand stuns Khushi

Starplus IPKKND Arnav huge demand stuns Khushi Khushi and Arnav fire at each other with their verbal taunts. He accuses her for bumping into him for the sake of money. He doubts her intentions. Khushi asks him not to equate everything with money. She asks him to just make sure that he keeps his thinking to himself. He tells her that she can never pay for his car’s loss.

Khushi tells him that she has much self esteem, she will pay for the loss. He demands 25000 rupees, which stuns her. She was thinking to give him few hundreds. Arnav tells her that she has no status to compensate for his loss. He pays her for the scooter’s damage and asks her to better return to her city. She promises to give him 25000 rupees.

He doesn’t think she can fulfill her promise. Khushi wants to teach a lesson to Arnav. Anjali makes arrangements for the puja at home. She summons Arnav for the puja. Arnav tells her that everything is fine. Nani, Mama and Manorama Mami make an entry. They wait for Arnav. Akshay finds the dent on Arnav’s car and asks Arnav about the accident. Arnav tells him about the careless girl, who broke all limits once again. Akshay thinks a girl has entered Arnav’s life. He is happy for Arnav. Arnav meets his family.

Nani tells Arnav that one has to know the difference between right and wrong. Anjali wants him to get ready for the puja. She asks about the mishap on the way. Arnav doesn’t think it matters. Khushi returns home with the inhaler pump, while Bua ji isn’t interested in talking to her. Payal defends Khushi. Bua ji doesn’t want Payal to always support Khushi. Bua ji performs the aarti at home. Payal and Khushi go the market to buy the grocery and vegetables. Khushi tells Payal that she has met Arnav once again.

She tells that he has demanded money and she will be surely paying it by doing a job. She wants to join a job. Payal tells her that they have come to Delhi just for two weeks and getting a job won’t be possible. They go to buy some vegetables. She finds the vegetables costly and gets into an argument with the vendor. Shyam meets them by chance. He becomes a help for them again. Khushi introduces Shyam to Payal. She tells Shyam that she has gone to stay with her Bua. He tells her that he is an advocate and works in the same locality.

He tells her that he will help her in getting a job. She tells that she wants to go back to Lucknow, but she really needs a job to earn 25000 rupees and pay to Lord Governor. He asks her why would she pay the Governor. She doesn’t tell him about Arnav. He asks her to call him. Khushi gets a job at Arnav’s place, all thanks to the kind-hearted Anjali.

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