Starplus Sonakshi Kahaan Hum love experience moment

Starplus Sonakshi Kahaan Hum love experience moment

Starplus Sonakshi Kahaan Hum love experience moment Sonakshi wants to think of the moment when she felt like receiving love of someone special. She takes it as a hint of the future. She is happy to open arms for her love. Rohit and Sonakshi get busy in their lives ahead.

They pause their busy lives and pray for Preeti. Sonakshi gives the shot. She waits for her co-star Sumit. Sonakshi wants Sumit to cooperate in the dance sequence. Sumit throws the starry attitude. Sonakshi and Sumit act good during the shoot, their jodi on the camera as Parvati and Kunal is a superhit, but they can’t stand each other.

Sonakshi shoots for the dance sequence. She feels more tired. She waits for Preeti’s surgery status. Rohit operates Preeti and informs her mum that Preeti is fine. He gets trusted by his staff and patient’s families. He doesn’t think he deserves their trust. He sinks into the same bitter past moment for a while, when he failed in performing a surgery and got slapped by the patient’s mother. He deeply misses Raima. He calls Raima again and again. He doesn’t get any answer. Sonakshi faints down during the shoot, which worries the entire crew on the sets. Sumit doesn’t seem to be affected.


The staff goes to look for a doctor for Sonakshi. Rohit passes by at the same time. Sonakshi’s staff stops the car seeing the doctor’s sticker on the car. They ask Rohit to just help them and save the show’s heroine. Netra asks Rohit if he is okay. He feels claustrophobia on seeing the low roof decorated set. He then walks into the crowd to reach the patient, Sonakshi. He asks everyone to just walk out and not make it more suffocating. He happens to see beautiful Sonakshi for the first time. Rohit treats Sonakshi by lending a good advice. Sonakshi criticizes him and gets his enmity.

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  1. Khkt …such a refreshing storyline the makers had presented it’s audiences after decades I must say .
    We fans are missing Ronakshi a lot ..
    I don’t think tgere will be any other Jodi would be loved by their fan club so dearly..n no other soap can replace khkt .

    Hope n wish for season 2 soon .


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