IPKKND Khushi Arnav crash down hilarious moment

IPKKND Khushi Arnav crash down hilarious moment

IPKKND Khushi Arnav crash down hilarious moment Khushi is much hurt thinking of the humiliation faced by her family. She doesn’t want to upset Garima. She is commanded to leave for Delhi. She feels she is being punished because of Arnav. She doesn’t think that she should be going to Delhi with Bua ji. Shyam meets Khushi and cheers her up. He tells her that he has come to give Shashi’s wallet, which he found on the road.

He tells her that Delhi isn’t a bad city. She tells that she has heard a lot of bad things about it. He tells her that she won’t be disappointed after coming to Delhi, she may find love as well. She tells him that she isn’t known to anyone there, but her Bua ji will be taking care of her. He tells her that he will also be in Delhi, she can meet him there if she needs any help.

She gets friendly with him. Payal and Bua ji accompany Khushi on her journey to Delhi. Bua ji falls down into some man’s scooter and gets into an odd moment. They reach home and get to see Bua ji’s place. On the other hand, Anjali wants Arnav to have breakfast before leaving. Arnav doesn’t want Anjali to hurt herself more and just go for the therapy. She wants him to be home before Nani’s arrival. Shashi calls his daughters to know if they are fine. Bua ji asks Khushi to let Payal talk to her dad. Khushi asks Shashi about his daily routine.

Shashi and Garima get emotional to talk to Khushi. Garima seems much sad after sending her heart away. She loves Khushi a lot. Khushi sheds tears and knows Garima’s love. Bua ji asks Khushi to stop shedding tears. Bua ji suddenly gets an asthma attack. Khushi finds the inhaler not working. She goes to buy a new inhaler. She gets to see someone’s scooter. She picks that for a ride. Arnav learns that Khushi got so defamed and left the city.

He doesn’t care about her. He comes across Khushi. Payal informs Khushi that Bua ji got the help from a neighbor and is fine now. Khushi gets relieved. Khushi hits Arnav’s car and gets into an argument with her. She gets to meet him once again. Arnav fumes on seeing the same face again. He gets insulting her again.

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