Yeh Rishta Naya Safar Kartik Naira Starplus

Yeh Rishta Naya Safar Kartik Naira Starplus

Yeh Rishta Naya Safar Kartik Naira Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Starplus 8th April 2020 Prime time hit series. A new journey for Kartik and Naira soon to begin. Relive the grand wedding of Kartik and Naira. They begin a new life with the blessings of their families. They also share some fun moments with the families. After many love confessions and emotional moments, they finally decide to tie the knot.

Naitik and Vishwamber give the Kaira wedding invite to Goenkas. They bless Kartik and ask him to take Naira home. Kartik thanks Naitik for giving his princess to him. He promises to always keep her happy and love her even more. Kartik and Naira head on for their haldi ceremony. Kartik jokes that he doesn’t want to turn yellow. Goenkas get emotional as well. Kartik keeps Manish and Suwarna away from his marriage rituals.

Kartik enjoys every moment of the functions. Manish is happy just to see his son happy. Kartik and Naira’s wedding day finally arrives. Naitik gets emotional to see Naira decked up as the bride on her big day. Naitik and Naksh pamper Naira and lift her to take her to the groom. Kartik and Goenkas get surprised with Naira’s stunning entry for the marriage. Kartik feels like dream coming true. He compliments his beautiful bride. He thanks Krishna ji for sending Naira in his life. Kartik and Naira’s marriage gets numerous memorable moments. Naira disappears from the scene. Naksh tells them that Naira is very special, her entry will be unique just like her.

Naira makes an entry by riding the bike and dancing all the way to reach the groom. Kartik is stunned and bursts into laughter. Singhanias support Naira in the performance, while Goenkas get prepared to welcome their Hatke bahu in the family. Kartik and Naira give a romantic performance before taking the wedding rounds. Kartik tells her that he can’t find anyone like her in the entire world, she is just made for him.

YRKKH Kaira Disturbing revelation

Goenkas also feel that she is extraordinary. Kartik and Naira share their feelings. She wants to hug him in front of everyone. Kartik tells her that she can predict his feelings well, but he is tensed that his bachelorhood is ending. Naira and Kartik exchange the garlands in an unusual way by putting lots of efforts. Kartik doesn’t get happy with Manish being around, but Manish pours his heart out. Dadi understands that Manish is feeling left out. She consoles him. Naitik takes father’s place for Kartik as well. Kartik and Naira go ahead for the marriage rituals. They tie the knot and get into a bond of lifetime.


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