Rishtey Starplus throwback Abir Mishti Surprise date

Rishtey Starplus throwback Abir Mishti Surprise date

Rishtey Starplus throwback Abir Mishti Surprise date Abir and Mishti are one of the most missed couples on the small screen. The show had stopped the air due to the Covid-19 outbreak situation. The last best memorable moment of Abir and Mishti comes in the form of their car date.

Mishti surprises Abir with a wonderful poetry memorized timely. She actually repeats his own words and expresses her consent to him. She tells him that they aren’t you and me from now, but we like a single entity, they aren’t unequal in any terms. She further adds, that they will be having a relation of equality all their life.

Abir gets delighted to hear the sweet words from her. She tells that they will be inseparable and incomplete without each other. She promises to be with him always, since they have taken the seven rounds together. She doesn’t want their story to be incomplete. She recalls the seven rounds in which she has vowed to love him even more. She expresses her immense joy to become his wife.

Abir and Mishti have a sweet moment after a long time, post marriage. Abir and Mishti enjoy their first date after their marriage. She gifts him a rose and also shares a lovely cup cake. Abir finds a moment to romance her. He makes an apology for his rudeness and knows the need to understand Mishti. He recalls his vows made for the peaceful marriage. He doesn’t want Mishti to regret for coming into his life.

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