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Sony Rewind Mere Dad Amber Nia soulful bond

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Sony Rewind Mere Dad Amber Nia soulful bond Amber is much protective about Nia. He reasons out about Kabir about a new place for Nia. He complains about Nia’s bad habits. Nia tells Amber that she will learn everything on her own. Amber tells Nia that its sorted if she will learn. He asks about the back up plan if anything goes wrong at the new place.

Nia convinces Amber that she will try to manage everything with Kabir’s help. She doesn’t want Amber’s interrogation to go for long. Amber asks Kabir not to leave until he finishes the coffee. Kabir finishes the coffee in a second. Nia makes Kabir run away. Amber shows his sternness. He is just worried to send Nia away. He waits for her to admit the truth. He asks her why didn’t she come for the movie if she had no work.

He tells that father is a father, and knows everything. He knows she had been to the shopping mall. She tells him that a daughter is a daughter, she had gone to the mall to get a gift for him. She tells him that the dart board will help him vent out the anger. He jokes that he would have accepted the hockey stick instead. She asks him to play with cards and pass time alone. He is upset with her that she will be going away soon.

He tells that he won’t play the games until she is with him. They have a blast playing rummy. She doesn’t let him eat cookies, since he has to go for a medical test in the morning. Nia wants the maid to continue the work, since Amber needs help. She then increases the pay and convinces her. Amber tries to get rid of the lab technician, who comes home to collect Amber’s blood samples for the medical tests. Amber misleads the man to send him away, but Nia stops the man in time. Amber tells Nia that she is deciding everything these days, since he has got old and turned useless.

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She is scared that she will be leaving for the US and then she will not be able to look after him. She tells him that she is scared to lose him, since she lost her mum as well. She gets emotional. She cares for him. Amber tells her that he is absolutely fine. She wants the test results to be clear. She doesn’t want him to take his health lightly. Amber and Nia have an emotional breakdown.

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2 responses to “Sony Rewind Mere Dad Amber Nia soulful bond”

  1. M.G. PANTH Avatar
    M.G. PANTH

    Mere Dad ki Dulhan fine story line with great touch of human relations. Dil chune ki bat hi, har episode mey

  2. Noosheen Sharif Avatar
    Noosheen Sharif

    I want romance between Nia and Randeep in Mere Dad ki dulhan

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