IPKKND Khushi hilarious revenge on Arnav Starplus

IPKKND Khushi hilarious revenge on Arnav Starplus

IPKKND Khushi hilarious revenge on Arnav Starplus Khushi and Arnav have a close hit and miss. Khushi apologizes to Anjali for going to the wrong room. She goes to Nani to show the sarees. Anjali introduces Khushi, who also hails from Lucknow, like Nani and Manorama. Khushi impresses Nani in no time. Khushi then learns that the house belongs to Arnav. She gets mistaken that Arnav is some kid.

She stays relaxed. Khushi tells Nani that some people are bitter since they don’t eat sweets. Nani tells about Arnav having diabetes. Khushi takes care of Nani in Anjali’s absence. Nani likes the sarees. She doesn’t know which one to choose. Nani wants Anjali to choose the sarees. Anjali wants to gift the sarees to the ladies coming in Satsang.

Khushi gets happy with the idea so that all the sarees get sold. Nani tells Khushi that they will buy the sarees. Anjali gives the order of 200 sarees, which gets unbelievable for Khushi. She shows her great values to Nani and Anjali. Nani likes her and feels happy in her heart after talking to her. Khushi makes a leave and comes across Manorama. Khushi angers Manorama unknowingly. Later, she arrives home and gives the good news to Bua ji while dancing in excitement. Bua ji is really glad to know the news.

She tells Payal that Khushi has done a good thing for the first time. She asks about the advance payment. Khushi tells them that they didn’t give the payment, but they will get Anjali’s call. Manorama gets revengeful and tears the saree to make Nani and Anjali cancel the order. She shows the damaged saree to Anjali. She asks Anjali if she checked the sarees or not. She asks her to call Khushi and cancel the order. Manorama herself calls Khushi and cancels the order. Khushi gets mistaken. Bua ji overhears the conversation.

She gets worried that the order got cancelled. She blames Khushi for it. Khushi tells Bua ji that she will meet Anjali and get a clarification. Bua ji gets the client’s call and learns that Khushi didn’t go to the client’s place with the order. She asks Khushi where did she go today, if the client didn’t meet her. She tells that Khushi had gone to the wrong place. She gets another chance to make Khushi feel alienated. She punishes Khushi. Arnav and his family dine. Manorama tells Nani that she had cancelled the order by calling Khushi.

Nani demands Manorama to attend the Satsang. Manorama refuses to her. Khushi accepts her mistake of meeting the wrong client. She wants to call Anjali and request. Payal gets emotional. She doesn’t want Khushi to bear more scolding from Bua ji. Khushi is determined to get the order for Bua ji. She makes a wish that she bags a job. She dreams of taking revenge on Arnav by throwing money on his face. She wants to insult him the same way in front of the media.

Kundali Bhagya

The hilarious scene makes her smile in her sleep. Payal asks her if Arnav has come in her dream. Khushi wants her dream to turn true. She gets Shyam’s call who helps her with a job offer. Khushi tells Payal about the job. She doesn’t want to get scared. She plans to meet Shyam in the market. Khushi meets Shyam, and gets spotted by Bua ji. What happens next? Keep reading.


  1. Es una hermoso serie/novela,es única en su estilo,de todas que he visto esta serie tiene una enseñanza entre el rico y el pobre y tiene de todo sin llegar al extremo, muy buena y Barun Sobti y Sanaya Iraní son únicos nadies podrá imitarlos.


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