Kahaan Hum Rohit shocks Sonakshi unexpected way

Kahaan Hum Rohit shocks Sonakshi unexpected way

Kahaan Hum Rohit shocks Sonakshi unexpected way Rohit and Sonakshi’s relation turns bitter all because of Nishi Sippy. Nishi attacks Naren for the sake of the property and then frames Sonakshi for the greedy crime. Rohit is compelled to accuse Sonakshi for destroying his life.

He gets mistaken about Sonakshi’s qualities. He goes to the public event to humiliate Sonakshi. Rohit and Sonakshi have little issues cropping in their marriage. Rohit gets drunk and goes on the stage to insult his wife. He tells them that Sonakshi isn’t the Parvati, who is the ideal woman and ideal bahu.

He tells that the though Parvati would be a great personality, Sonakshi isn’t like her, she isn’t anyone’s favorite in the family. He asks the fans if they love Parvati. He corrects them by revealing Sonakshi’s real side, that she isn’t caring and loving like Parvati. He tells that he also wanted a perfect wife like Parvati, but he didn’t get his wish fulfilled. He tells how he realized that reel can never get real. He warns the people that Parvati is a writer’s imagination, while the reality stays something else.

He tells the people that he has married Sonakshi and knows her that she isn’t like Parvati. He blames her for ruining his life by her shocking greedy side. He misunderstands her because of Nishi. Sonakshi gets upset when Rohit insults her. Rohit tells her that everything is false as seen on the tv show, Parvati isn’t for real and Sonakshi is no close to her. Sumit and Netra are in for a shock after hearing out Rohit’s bitterness for Sonakshi while Sonakshi ponders over handling Rohit’s madness well.

YRKKH Naya Safar of Kartik and Naira

She changes the game smartly by calling Rohit’s words a part of their challenge to outdo each other. She tells them that she wants to applaud Rohit for his acting skills. Though Sonakshi appears strong, she breaks down and tries to find out Naren’s culprit.


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