Rithvik Palak Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 7 New hopes for love

Rithvik Palak Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 7 New hopes for love

Rithvik Palak Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 7 New hopes for love Palak looks after Rithvik being his physiotherapist. Rithvik gets confused over his feelings for Palak. She wants him to feel his love. Setu learns that Rohit has gone for jogging. The media reaches Rithvik and Palak. They ask Rithvik for a picture with Palak.

Rithvik asks them if he had a past with Palak. Palak answers the reporters to send them away. Rithvik questions them about his relationship. Shivam, Aman and Rohit reach Rithvik and cover up about the confusing matter. Rithvil still gets stuck to the past. Palak lies to him and tells that she was his physiotherapist before as well. Rithvik insults her in front of them.

Rohit tells them that if Rithvik keeps insulting her, then she will go to Vikrant herself. Palak tries to remind Rithvik about the past by taking him to the same cafe. Rithvik doesn’t want Palak to be a part of his past, since he dislikes her a lot. Setu thinks Rohit and Shivam are behind the reporters. Shivam wants Rithvik and Palak to get together. She feels Vikrant is suffering because of the situation. Palak takes care of the entire family. Vikrant isn’t accompanying his daughters this time. He promises to be with them.

He loves Jia and Dia a lot. Rithvik happens to see Vikrant and Palak together, like a happy family. Rithvik asks Shanaya if Vikrant and Palak are a couple. He identifies his younger sister Shanaya. Shivam finds them in a cute moment and hugs them. He also wants Rithvik’s love and care. Rithvik is happy that they have grown up well. Shivam tells Rithvik that Vikrant isn’t their family. Shivam wants to invite Rithvik into his party. Palak doesn’t want to allow Rithvik for the late night outing. Shivam plans everything to leave Rithvik and Palak alone at home.

He gets Vikrant stuck in a meeting. Shanaya learns Shivam’s plans and informs Setu. Palak still stays Vikrant’s caring friend. Vikrant wants her to tell Rithvik about her relation. She wants to give some time to Rithvik. Setu also invites Palak for the party. She wants Ananya to stay at home to take care of Rithvik. Ananya refuses to stay at home. She wants to be with Shivam. Setu asks Palak to be with Shivam to encourage him at his first gig. Palak instructs the staff about Rithvik’s care. Rithvik asks Palak where is she going.

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She tells him that she isn’t bound to him. He tells her that she is looking good, that’s why he is asking her. She gets hopeful of his memory returning. He gets confused that she is going on a date. He doesn’t know why is he feeling bad. He finds Palak in need of help. He goes to help her. Rithvik’s charming side gives new hopes to Palak. He tells her that he was just helping his doctor.

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