Alt Balaji Adventure Romance Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 10

Alt Balaji Adventure Romance Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 10

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Alt Balaji Adventure Romance Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 10 Rohit tells Shivam that Rithvik doesn’t think of anything and reacts wrong. Rithvik asks them if they can help him. He wants to know what got over, what were they talking. Aman praises Palak, who is the best physiotherapist. Rithvik doesn’t think so.

Aman tells them that Vijay also vented out anger once on Palak and then she left. Shivam tells that she isn’t scared of anyone. Vikrant gets the gifts for Jia and Dia. Palak asks him not to spoil kids so much. Vikrant asks her to stay strong. Rithvik gets tricked by his friends. Rohit tells that Palak is gone now. Rithvik rushes to stop Palak.

Palak recalls Rithvik and her love. She is much sorrowful. She reaches the airport and misses Rithvik. Rithvik rushes to the airport to stop her. Vijay speaks to Palak. He tells that he is surrounded by his enemies/Mamta and granddaughters. He asks Palak to come to his rescue. Rithvik also wants to reach Palak and stop her. Shivam tells him to remind Palak her duty of a doctor and get her back. Rithvik thinks to pick someone’s identity to board the flight. He stops the guy and tells him that he wants the boarding pass to stop his doctor.

The guy asks him to accept his feelings for his doctor. Rithvik asks the guy to take the next flight for Shimla. The guy hands over the boarding pass to him. Palak gets surprised seeing him. Rithvik gives his costly ring to get the pass. He pays a big price for meeting Palak. He argues with Palak. He reminds her about the responsibility towards her patient. He asks her to finish her work commitment and then leave. He wants her to return home. They learn that the flight is taking off. Shivam and Rohit get happy that Palak and Rithvik are together on the flight.

Rithvik and Palak have cute moments. Vikrant isn’t aware of their togetherness, but wishes that they get together. Reva asks Vikrant about his mother, who gave him the best values. She tells him that she heard wrong things about his mum, but now she thinks that his mum was a nice lady, for her son is a gem. Aman doesn’t tell Reva about Rithvik and Palak. Mamta informs Shanaya about the bad weather and flights de-routing. Mamta asks Shanaya to find about Palak soon. Shanaya gets busy talking to Kartik, whom she comes across on the dating site.

She decides to meet him. Rithvik and Palak get stuck on their way. He blames her for landing him into this situation. She asks him if she had called him. She tells him that she knows about his past. She blames him for his careless driving and his accident. He tells her that a girl would be responsible for distracting him and leading to his accident.

He finds her too dramatic. Shanaya enquires about Rithvik. She learns that Rithvik has gone out with Shivam. Shivam doesn’t let her know Rithvik’s plans. Rohit calls up Shivam and tells that Rithvik will remember everything soon, being with Palak. Rithvik makes arrangements for a comfortable stay. Palak meets the cops who get Noons’ message for her. Rithvik doesn’t let her know anything. Rithvik tells the cops that Palak is with Rithvik Noon. Vikrant learns that Palak is in trouble. He panics and wants to reach Palak.

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Aman tries hard to stop him. Shanaya learns about Palak and Rithvik, after Kartik helps her in retrieving the information. Rithvik and Palak reach Samuel’s house to get help. They come across Samuel’s raging wife, who threatens to shoot Rithvik. Palak begs for Rithvik’s life. Rithvik faints down suddenly.

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