IPKKND Upcoming Starplus Shocking revelation for Khushi

IPKKND Upcoming Starplus Shocking revelation for Khushi

IPKKND Upcoming Starplus Shocking revelation for Khushi Arnav is disturbed that he is thinking a lot about Khushi. He wants to trouble her. Khushi celebrates Payal’s birthday. She tells that it wasn’t her boss, who dropped her. Bua ji scolds her for taking lift from a stranger. She wants Khushi to take Shyam’s help. Payal doesn’t want Khushi to spoil her mood.

Payal likes the dupatta which Khushi gifts her. She is happy that Khushi knows her choice so well. Khushi tells her that she didn’t buy it, her boss has gifted it. Payal asks about Arnav. Khushi tells that Arnav is rude, Akash has given the dupatta to gift her. Shyam gets to overhear their conversation. Khushi thanks Shyam for much of his help. Shyam tells that she could have done things better. He enquires about Akash.

She tells about Arnav Singh Raizada, who is ruining her life. He didn’t know she will get into a connection with Arnav. Arnav calls her and gets to hear her loud caller tune. Khushi expects her parents’ call. She answers the call and tells that she was waiting for their call. Arnav asks what is she saying. He shouts on her and burdens her with much work to shock her. He spoils her happy moments with family. He doesn’t want any excuse to avoid work. He tells her that he will wait for her in the morning, since its her duty to send the typed reports back.

Khushi gets much worried. She doesn’t tell anything to Payal. Arnav’s driver drops the documents and an old typewriter at her house. Khushi gets troubled using the old typewriter. Payal falls asleep while helping her. Khushi wants to handle her work alone. She thinks she will be working all night to finish the task. Shyam meets her to offer help. He tells her that the work is too much. Khushi tells Shyam that Arnav is troubling her because of the challenge. She tells that he is trying to trouble, but she will not step back.

Shyam feels he is at fault to get her a bad job. She doesn’t want to leave the job. She tells that she will go back to Lucknow in some days. Shyam gets upset. He wants to spend time with her. He helps her in typing the letters. Khushi reaches Arnav’s house and realizes that she has visited it before. She learns that Anjali is Arnav’s sister. She can’t believe it. She sees much difference between Anjali and Arnav’s behavior.

Moreover, Khushi meets Anjali and tells that she works for Arnav in his office. Anjali is glad to meet her again. She tells that she wanted to apologize for cancelling the saree order. Khushi knows that Anjali is really sweet. Manorama happens to meet Khushi once again. She tells that she got the saree order cancelled. She boasts that everyone listens to her. Khushi learns that Manorama is Anjali and Arnav’s aunt.

Manorama reacts knowing that Khushi works for Arnav. She insults Khushi. Anjali tries to take Khushi’s side. Khushi asks Anjali about Arnav. Anjali apologizes on Manorama’s behalf. She tells that Arnav is watering the plants. She guides Khushi to go to the garden area. Khushi wants to hand over the typed documents to him. Khushi meets him and gets into a moment with him. Arnav slips near the pool when she reaches him. They both hold each other to get saved. Arnav feels drawn towards her once again. He falls for her simplicity.

She thinks she hasn’t see his homely avatar before. He turns into her arrogant boss once again by seeing her blunders. Anjali reaches them and finds their cute chemistry. Khushi tells that Arnav was slipping down and she saved him. Arnav tells that he has saved Khushi from falling. He wants to know how Anjali knows her. Anjali tells that she has met Khushi once before. She invites Khushi for breakfast. Arnav takes the files from Khushi and wants her to leave. Anjali makes him silent by bossing over. She asks Arnav to relieve his employee for some time.

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Nani also likes Khushi. Khushi finds everyone sweet in the family. Manorama tells Khushi that she is sitting at a wrong place. Nani makes Khushi sit in Arnav’s chair. Khushi gets worried to know this. Arnav is fuming to see Khushi snatching his place. She has submitted the work on time. She wants to leave soon, without upsetting Arnav. Nani asks her to stay back. Arnav and Khushi sneeze. Nani asks if they both got drenched under the rain and caught cold. Arnav and Khushi recall their rain moment. They feel the odd moment and turn speechless in front of the family.

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