StarPlus Bestseller Iss Pyaar Season 1 Shyam exposed

StarPlus Bestseller Iss Pyaar Season 1 Shyam exposed

StarPlus Bestseller Iss Pyaar Season 1 Shyam exposed Shyam shocking truth Anjali Khushi Teej twists Arnav tells Anjali that she will see no sorrow in her life until he is with her. Anjali gets happy with his promise. He asks her to promise that she will never feel inferior. She tells that her husband is lucky to get her, she has no flaws in her. ,/p>

Manorama wants Akash to marry some rich girl. Akash disagrees. He wants to explain his parents that he doesn’t want to marry anyone rich, but someone simple. She tells that if any rich girl becomes her Bahu, then her status will get better in the house. He wants to marry Payal. He thinks no one cares for his wish. Manorama wants to know what is he planning.

Khushi gets affected by Arnav’s constant thoughts. She doesn’t know why is she dreaming about Arnav, the devil. Bua ji asks Payal to perform the puja well, then she will get a good husband. Khushi wants to go to her office. Bua ji and Payal remind her that she has resigned from the job. They ask Khushi to come to senses. Khushi realizes that she is willing to go to the office. Bua ji asks her to never see Arnav’s face. Khushi agrees to her. She doesn’t want to meet Arnav again.

Arnav gets the pictures of the calendar shoot. He gets to see Khushi’s stunning pictures. He loses himself when he gets mesmerized by the pictures. He slips back in the moment when he witnessed her stunning avatar on the shoot sets. Anjali also gets to see the pictures. She asks if Khushi has done modelling for the company. She tells that Nani will be happy to see him looking at the pictures. He tells that he isn’t interested in Khushi. She asks him to suggest Lavanya for wearing sarees like Khushi.

She informs him that she is going to the temple to make prayers for family. He gets occupied with Khushi’s thoughts. Bua ji asks Khushi and Payal to keep the fast, so that they get good life partners. Khushi doesn’t want to keep the fast. Bua ji insists her. She asks Shyam to stay at home. She tells that Khushi and Payal have kept the fast. She wants Shyam to be with Khushi. Bua ji asks Shyam to accompany them to the temple. He gets his wife Rani Sahiba’s call. Bua ji stops him from answering the call.

She asks him to keep the phone in the cupboard. Shyam gets helpless. Bua ji asks the girls not to eat anything. Shyam finds Khushi too naughty. He likes Bua ji and Khushi’s banter, but stays stressed about his wife’s call.

The big revelation comes out, since Shyam turns out to be Anjali’s husband. Anjali is his Rani Sahiba. She keeps calling Shyam to take his advice about Arnav and Lavanya. She calls Lavanya and invites her for the Teej puja. Lavanya can’t keep the fast, but agrees to her. Shyam hides a parcel from Bua ji. He tells that he has to go out in the evening.

Bua ji doesn’t permit him. Lavanya prepares to meet Arnav’s family. Anjali tells Manorama that Shyam has to come on Teej, like he has been coming on Teej since three years. She trusts Shyam a lot. Arnav decides to accompany Anjali, since she isn’t keeping well. Bua ji also asks Khushi and Payal to visit the same shrine. Shyam tries to get his phone some how to contact Anjali. Bua ji confronts him. He lies to Bua ji, while hiding his phone. He speaks to Anjali and makes excuses. He falls for Khushi and wishes to marry her. He promises Anjali that he will come to break her Teej fast. Khushi and Arnav meet again at the shrine.

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  1. Why I feels everything real in this sireis if any one says to me it’s a show I always disagree and used to say it’s the life how actually we should be…?


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