Alt Superhit Season Break Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 20

Alt Superhit Season Break Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 20

Alt Superhit Season Break Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 20 Rithvik tries to clear Vikrant’s misunderstanding Vikrant tells them that they were acting in front of him and were really coming close. He asks them to accept that they love each other. Rithvik asks Palak to lie for Setu’s sake. Palak doesn’t want the confusion in Vikrant’s mind.

Vikrant tells Palak that she would have learnt about the divorce, they should better sign on the papers and get rid of the relationship. Vikrant misunderstands her and leaves. Rithvik tells her that he can explain Vikrant. He asks her why is Vikrant so important for her. She yells at her. She tells him that Vikrant has done a lot for them. Rithvik asks her to keep the matter on hold, so that they can get back to it later after solving Setu’s matter.

Ananya brings Setu home. Rohit comes home to meet Setu. He tells that he didn’t realize that Setu is in problem. Reva asks him to know that Setu cares for him. Rohit lies to them as Rithvik taught him. Setu stays upset on him. She asks him to stay away. Palak returns home. Vijay asks her if she has spoken to Vikrant. Kartik and his family meet Noon family. Shivam pulls Shanaya’s leg. Palak wants to talk to Vikrant. Shanaya introduces Vikrant as her brother. Shivam asks the families to fix the alliance.

Shivam finds Palak with Vikrant. He calls up Rithvik and tells about Palak and Vikrant. Rithvik asks him not to let Palak speak to Vikrant until he comes. Shivam agrees. Palak wants to clarify to Vikrant. Shivam breaks their moment. He asks her to be with Shanaya. Shanaya wants to know why is Vikrant feeling low. Aman tells about Vikrant and Palak’s divorce. Shivam asks Palak to divorce Vikrant, since Rithvik didn’t forget her.

Shanaya asks Vikrant why is he divorcing Palak. Vikrant tells that Palak has already made him away. Vijay asks him not to do this. Vikrant doesn’t think he fits in Palak’s life. Palak gets angry on Shivam. She tells Vikrant that Rithvik is coming and will tell the truth. Rithvik tells that he was also involved. He then asks Palak to sort it herself, since he has to attend the guests. Palak asks Rithvik not to damage her character. Rithvik tells Palak that Rohit has cheated on Setu, he was with Tanya, though he doesn’t have any affair.

He tells that Setu should give a second chance to Rohit. She learns the matter. Shivam tells Ananya that Palak and Vikrant had a big fight, it means Palak cheated him. Ananya doesn’t believe this. Setu wants to know what has happened. Setu tells that Palak isn’t a cheater. Rohit lies that Rithvik and Palak were together. Vikrant spends time with his daughters. Palak thinks its good time to talk to him. Vikrant distances himself. Palak feels bad. Reva tells Shanaya that Vikrant was much upset. Reva and Shanaya get upset with Rithvik.

Rohit scolds his kids for calling Palak a cheater. Setu tells him that they should talk to Rithvik. Palak calls Setu to tell her that Vikrant is avoiding her. She feels much bad about it. Rithvik stays unaffected. Shanaya asks Rithvik not to come between Vikrant and Palak. She blames him for ruining their relationship. She counts Vikrant’s numerous favors on the family. Rithvik wants to know if the family didn’t miss him. He gets upset seeing their loyalty towards Vikrant. Setu tells Palak that she will speak to Vikrant.

Vikrant meets the lawyer to talk about the mutual divorce. He tells that Palak also wants the divorce. He cries to part ways with Palak. Setu calls him and asks him to talk to Palak once. Vikrant tells her that Palak is happy with Rithvik, he has nothing to save in his relationship. She asks him to get the deserved explanation. He agrees. He doesn’t want to change his decision. Rithvik comes to meet Vikrant. He doesn’t see him. Rithvik and Palak decide to meet Vikrant at the cafe. Rithvik tells Palak that Setu shouldn’t know about Rohit. Vikrant finds Palak bribing the manager to delete the cctv footage.

Shakti on air again

He misunderstands her again. He thinks she is deleting Rithvik and her footage. Vikrant gets angered on Palak and Rithvik. Rithvik asks Palak not to let Vikrant go. Setu arrives there. Rithvik tells her that nothing has happened. Vikrant tells Palak that he was living in false hopes, its not her mistakes. Setu asks Rithvik to unite Palak and Vikrant. She wants him to leave them alone. Vikrant calls it over. He asks Palak to sign the divorce papers and go, she is free now. Palak was waiting for this day since long. She feels nothing is fine when Vikrant is leaving from her life. She doesn’t know if the right thing is happening with her. She stands on the crossroads of fate once again. Whom will Palak choose, Rithvik or Vikrant? The show goes on a season break.

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