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IPKKND twists coming on Star Arnav’s big vow

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IPKKND twists coming on Star Arnav’s big vow Akash helps Khushi by handing over her puja plate. Khushi misses to see Shyam and Anjali. Shyam impresses one and all by his sweet behavior. He shows he loves Anjali a lot. Manorama blesses them. Anjali wants Shyam to stay with them. Shyam tells that he has done his duty as a husband, and now he will make his in-laws pamper him. Anjali feels lucky when Arnav and Shyam hold her to support when she stumbles.

Meanwhile, Khushi and Payal return home. Bua ji wishes that they get good life partners. Khushi feels too hungry and runs to have food. She enquires about Shyam. Bua ji teases her about Shyam. She wants Shyam and Khushi to get married. She thinks to tell Shashi about Shyam. She feels that Khushi’s fast is showing the effect.

At Arnav’s place, Manorama tells Shyam that Nani is sleeping, she is discipline when it comes to her routine. She asks him to meet Nani tomorrow. Anjali tells that even Nani will scold him for coming late. Arnav watches Shyam and Anjali, who renew their marriage vows. Shyam promises to be always dutiful towards Anjali and family. She promises to always stand by him and protect him from sorrow.

Arnav also promises himself that he will always safeguard Anjali’s happiness at any cost. Anjali doesn’t want Shyam to undergo sorrow because of her. She doesn’t want to hinder his happiness. Her words instantly remind her of Khushi, who has become a part of his life. Shyam lives dual lives. Shyam finds happiness in Khushi. He respects Anjali for giving so much value to their relationship. He promises to give her the first place in his life always.

She tells that she will always keep her promises with truth. She doesn’t want any lie to ruin their relation. Shyam expresses his love for his doting wife. He lies to Anjali. He just wants to win Khushi’s love. The family gets happy seeing Shyam and Anjali’s perfect marriage. Arnav is content to see his sister happy.

He wishes that Shyam never breaks any of his promise. He thinks to ensure happiness in the family. Anjali wants to tie the Raksha thread to Arnav and Akash. She gets reminded of the rituals. Shyam supports her in her prayers. Shyam asks Arnav to have faith in Anjali’s devotion. He asks him to at least tie the thread for Anjali’s sake, even if he doesn’t believe in rituals.

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Shyam brings joy by giving thoughtful gifts to everyone in the family. He surprises them. Anjali gets happy seeing Shyam pay respect to them. Manorama asks Shyam if he forgot the saree for Anjali.

Shyam tells her that he forgot to bring the saree. Anjali isn’t much upset, since what means to her is his presence. Bua ji asks Khushi if she is missing Shyam. Khushi admits that she is missing Shyam, but the chaat prepared by him even more. She asks Khushi and Payal about their fast breaking, their puja at the temple. Khushi gets hesitant to tell that her fast broke before the puja rituals. Khushi continues to think about Arnav.

Anjali asks Shyam the reason for arriving late. Shyam doesn’t want her to get upset. He surprises her by gifting the Teej saree. A broad smile comes on Anjali’s face. She likes his gift. She finds the saree really beautiful. Shyam lies to her to fool her further. Khushi calls him up to know about his return. Shyam tries to keep Khushi and Anjali away. When he learns that Anjali has invited Khushi and Payal home, he worriedly makes a plan to save himself from getting exposed.

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