Ishqbaaz Shivay returns to solve the murder mystery

Ishqbaaz Shivay returns to solve the murder mystery

Ishqbaaz Shivay returns for the sake of his son Shivaansh. Mannat can’t believe that her dad has committed a crime. She doesn’t believe his crime confession. She has faith in him. Shivaansh feels the truth has come out and now his dad will get soul peace. He expresses his wrath towards Mannat and scolds her for fooling her with her innocence. He hates Mannat and ends their relationship. He warns her against coming back in his life. He misses Mannat. He meets PK to know the motive of the murder. PK doesn’t want to reveal anything. Shivaansh tells him that he knows someone else was involved in the crime. PK gets lying to him. Shivaansh gets confused with his confession. He doesn’t think PK had any motive to kill Shivay. Sahil misleads Shivaansh by providing PK’s motive.

Sahil cooks up stories to take Shivaansh into confidence. Sahil tells Varun that they should kill Shivaansh before he reaches the truth. He wants to kill Shivaansh the same day when Shivay left the work. Mannat meets the family for the last time. Shivaansh throws her out of the house. He doesn’t want her to come back again. He feels much hurt and heartbroken.


Shivaansh gets shot by Sahil. Shivaansh loses his senses. Khanna runs to his rescue. Shivay meets his son Shivaansh in a dream sequence in heaven and guides him towards the right path. The father-son have a moment of union. Shivay tells him about facing the ups and downs in life.

He hugs Shivaansh. Shivay tells Shivaansh that he should always value true love. He asks him to complete his true love. He says I took much time in understanding love and accepting it, I don’t want you to do the same, you are like your mum Anika, you listen to your heart. He asks Shivaansh to earn true love. He tells them that they exist because of love. He feels Mannat is the right girl for Shivaansh.

He doesn’t want Shivaansh to understand Mannat once by his heart. He asks her how can he punish Mannat for someone else’s crimes. He asks him to fail the destiny. He tells how Anika followed him after his death, she wanted to be with him in heaven. He asks Shivaansh to understand true love and cherish what he holds in his life. Shivaansh values his golden words. Shivaansh feels guilty and wants to find Shivay’s murderer. Shivay is sure that Shivaansh will follow his heart and solve the murder mystery.

Shivaansh doesn’t want to lose Mannat. He gets back to his consciousness. He wants to go to Mannat and confess love before it gets too late. Shivaansh gets saved by Mannat once again. Shivaansh learns that Mannat is leaving the city. Shivaansh suspects Sahil’s involvement in Shivay’s murder.


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