Yeh Rishta Throwback Kartik stands by Naira Starplus

Yeh Rishta Throwback Kartik stands by Naira Starplus

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Yeh Rishta Throwback Kartik stands by Naira Starplus Kartik drops Naira home and faces Naksh’s wrath. Naksh warns him to stay away from Naira, else expect a similar reaction from him as his family does always. Kartik and Naira long for each other. They wonder why they are willing to get back when they are separated.

Lav and Kush play angels for them and make them communicate. Kartik gets her message and rushes to meet her secretly. Kartik wants to know why Naira wants to talk to him. Naira accepts her mistakes. She leaves her ego and thinks to make her relationship again. She tells him that he has done a lot for her as a good life partner, but she couldn’t. She cries out that she didn’t understand him. She tells that she can’t turn away from life by getting away from him. She apologizes to him. Kartik also makes an apology.

He doesn’t want her to blame herself. He confesses his love to her. He tells that love doesn’t make a person bad, but better with time. They both express their love and have a moment, which gets sighted by Manish and Akhilesh. Kartik wants to inform the family about their relationship. They want to subside the misunderstandings in the family. Rajshri fears that the families will object to their relationship. The families question Kartik and Naira about their relation, which makes the couple hide their feelings. Kartik doesn’t want to hurt his family.

Naira tells him that she feels guilty to lie to them. Kartik proposes her for marriage. Naira accepts his proposal after taking some time to think well. She doesn’t know how to handle it. He wants her to trust him since he can’t hurt the families. He can’t live without her. He is scared of life long separation. He doesn’t want to take the risk of losing her. She doesn’t want them to hurt their families once again. He tells that the families would know their feelings and might get happy with their decision.

Kartik meets Shubham’s doctor, who gives his statement in Naira’s favor. Kartik collects the video evidence, which could clear Suwarna’s hatred towards Naira. He proves that Naira was helping Shubham and isn’t responsible for his death. Kartik asks Suwarna to forgive Naira and not let the misunderstanding affect their relation. Suwarna lets Kartik go to Naira and marry her. Kartik and Naira rush to meet and share the good news that Suwarna is with them. They decide to get married at a temple, without informing anyone.

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