Kumkum Bhagya Special Epic meet Pragya awaits Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya Special Epic meet Pragya awaits Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya Special Epic meet Pragya awaits Abhi 16th July 2020 Maya plays the murder drama once again, but this time for Ranbir’s sake. Dushyant finds Maya dead. He loses his cool. He calls Ranbir out. He tells them that he couldn’t tolerate Maya’s tears, he can’t see her dead. Maya’s mum scolds them. Aryan stops Dushyant when the latter gets angry on Ranbir.

Dushyant tells them that he knows making this murder a big issue, he will gain sympathy for Maya and get Ranbir framed. He tells that Maya has helped the family a lot, Chobey will reap benefit from Maya’s murder. Pragya asks him if he isn’t sad for Maya’s death. He tells her that he stopped Maya from the suicide and made the fake murder plan to frame Prachi. He accepts his plans. He tells that Maya could have given her statement later if she survived. Dushyant reveals the truth.

Pragya asks Dushyant how can he frame Prachi and Ranbir for the same murder. Dushyant tells them that he had arranged a dead body to fool the police. Maya gets up and shocks Dushyant. Her mum gets glad that she is alive. He tells that he is also happy to see her fine. Maya asks him if he is regretting to lose election tickets for Chobey. He tells that he is happy. Maya tells that Ranbir didn’t kill her. Pragya reveals that it was their plan against him. Dushyant is shocked to know that Maya was acting for their sake.

Ranbir and Prachi tell him that they did this to free Abhi Mehra from the jail. Dushyant asks Maya why did she cheat her family. He doesn’t think they can prove anything. Pragya calls the cops. She gets Dushyant arrested. Maya tells them that she has done everything for her love Ranbir. She regrets that she couldn’t see him in trouble. Dushyant’s statement gets recorded. Vikram rushes to get Abhi home. Meera wants to inform Dimpy that Ranbir is fine. Vikram reveals the master plan of Pragya to Abhi and Aaliya. He tells that he has come to take Abhi home, everything is sorted. Abhi asks why did Prachi’s mum do so much for her.

Aaliya tells him that Maya is alive and helped them. Abhi thinks to meet Prachi’s mum. Vikram praises Pragya for bringing Maya home and making the superb plan to get Dushyant arrested. Abhi feels she is really amazing. Meera awaits Abhi. She thanks Dimpy for taking care of Rhea. She wants to meet Rhea and bring her home. She calls up Abhi and tells him that Prachi and her mom left for home. Abhi tells that he will meet them and personally thank her. He asks her to promise that she will not let them leave. He thanks Meera for the good work. Pragya takes a leave after Kohlis thank her. Ranbir wants her to meet Abhi. Meera tells Pragya that Abhi wants to personally thank her. Pragya agrees to stay back. She misses Abhi.

She thinks of Abhi and her marriage. She wishes she could meet him. Dida cracks jokes and makes her smile. Meera tells Pragya that Abhi is away from his wife, but he loves her a lot. Pragya tells that few people don’t let the distance affect their love. She wants to go home. Meera doesn’t want her to go. Everyone gets happy that their lives turned normal again. Ranbir tells Aryan that he wants to tell Prachi that he loves her. Aryan teases him about Prachi’s sacrificing love. He tells that he shouldn’t wait for any other proof of love. Ranbir recalls Prachi’s promise of support. He gets overjoyed. Shahana asks Prachi to confess love to Ranbir.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kumkum Bhagya Special Epic meet Pragya awaits Abhi 16th July 2020: 4/5
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