Kumkum Bhagya Rhea Aaliya intense hatred 26th August

Kumkum Bhagya Rhea Aaliya intense hatred 26th August

Kumkum Bhagya Rhea Aaliya intense hatred 26th August Vikram offers help to Ranbir. He tells him that Prachi would be innocent if Ranbir is supporting her. He has promised Abhi that he will never doubt Prachi and prove her innocent. He tells that he comes in Pallavi’s words sometimes since he loves her a lot. Abhi tells them that Prachi is like his family and he can’t tolerate any accusation on her. He asks Ranbir not to do wrong to find an easy way.

He tells that he is always there to help when its about Prachi. He doesn’t want Prachi to face troubles. He regards her as his daughter. Pragya worriedly asks Prachi to resign, since Kohlis have blamed her again. She wants to end their misunderstanding. She asks Prachi to take a stand for her esteem. Prachi is in dilemma. Abhi learns that Ranbir has seen the robbers.

Ranbir tells that he had to go to Prachi’s house, since she was calling Vikram. He doesn’t tell that he has gone to meet Prachi. He tells that he was high and doesn’t remember anything. Vikram scolds him. Abhi asks him to complete the story. Ranbir recalls to see the robbers outside the house. He doesn’t want to tell them that Prachi has beaten them up. Abhi asks the time when he had seen them.

Ranbir tells that he had taken a picture of the moon, they can check the time by the picture. He mentions the time. Prachi tells that it won’t be right to resign, she has to respect Abhi and Vikram, who believe her. She doesn’t want to leave the job before the company event. Pragya tells that they should trust her, its tough to work at the place where no one trusts her. Prachi complains about Riya’s Bua, who doubts her. Pragya knows that they won’t let her work there peacefully.

Aaliya doesn’t want Prachi to work in her company. She wants Pragya to take away Prachi if she cares for her. She promises to ruin Prachi’s life. Prachi agrees to resign from the job. Ranbir gets a picture clicked accidentally. He shows the picture to Abhi. Aryan tells that they can solve the problem by getting the robbers caught. Abhi tells that they have to get a real investigator. Vikram and Abhi help Ranbir by talking to the investigator.

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