Rishte Pyaar Abir shattering world 26th August 2020

Rishte Pyaar Abir shattering world 26th August 2020

Rishte Pyaar Abir shattering world 26th August 2020 Mishti and Kuhu’s fights are expected to end. The entire family in Maheshwari house hope that Mishti and Kuhu keep their respect. Abir tells Mishti that he trusts her that she will fix everything. Mishti realizes what he is saying in his heart. She also wants to fix everything for his sake. They have a heart to heart conversation. She tells him that she will keep his trust, she will not disappoint him.

She returns home and thinks to take the initiative by fixing the publishing error first. She contacts the magazine editor and tells about the wrong cover picture. She manages to get an apology letter for Kuhu and also change the picture so that Kuhu gets pleased. She thinks the surprise will cheer up Kuhu. Abir calls up Meenakshi to know the reason for threatening Vishwamber about his daughters.

He tells her that Vishwamber had no idea of his plan, he isn’t involved and he shouldn’t be troubled. Meenakshi tells him that he has left no choice for her, by doing his wishful always. She adds that she will not tolerate the world laughing at her, since both of her sons have left the house to stay in their in-laws’ house. She tells that she will not manage everything alone, when she has two sons.

Abir tells her that Kunal is managing everything, being away from home. He doesn’t want her to worry for business. He can’t help her if she is worried for the society’s take on their family. He doesn’t care for the world. She still wants Abir to understand her emotions. She tells him that he should come back or at least send her dear son Kunal back. She regrets that he never understood his mother. Abir still feels that she likes to control everyone’s lives and misunderstands the family.

She tells him that she could have handled Mishti and Kuhu by throwing them out of the house and compelling them to sort the issue. He doesn’t think their issue can be sorted by force. He tells her that she can’t oust Mishti and Kuhu. He asks her to give him some time to mend things. Kuhu wonders how to fix the problem. She wishes Kunal comes back. Mishti surprises her by showing her picture on the cover page. Kuhu asks her when did she do it.

Mishti feels sorry that she got late in doing it and lost Abir’s support. She requests Kuhu to accompany her to bring back Abir and Kunal. She wishes Kuhu agrees to her request. Kuhu can’t tolerate Meenakshi’s wrath. She thinks its better to accompany Mishti and go to Maheshwari house. They don’t get a cab. They walk some distance looking for a taxi. Kuhu suddenly gets hit by a heavy wood log. She gets trapped by the log. Her leg gets stuck and bleeds.

Mishti worriedly tries to save her sister. She calls Abir and Kunal to get help for Kuhu. Abir and entire family believe that they are doing a drama for their motive. They don’t think Kuhu is really hurt. The Maheshwaris are ashamed of their drama and apologize to Abir. Kunal doesn’t want to believe Kuhu’s cry. He knows she is good in drama. Kuhu cries in pain. Mishti gives her strength. She tries hard and frees Kuhu from the heavy log. She gets hurt in this process. She manages to take Kuhu to the hospital.

Later, Abir learns that Mishti has fixed the magazine error, she is putting efforts to reconcile with Kuhu. He thinks if Mishti’s call for help was genuine. He tracks her phone and learns that she is at a hospital. Kunal gets a call from the hospital and is informed about Kuhu’s injury. He doesn’t believe the news. Abir tells Kunal that maybe Kuhu is really hurt, Mishti wasn’t lying. Abir asks the family to come along to see Kuhu at the hospital. Mishti takes care of Kuhu and gets her treated, by ignoring her stomach ache.

She wants Kuhu to get fine. She gives much courage to Kuhu when the treatment goes on. Doctor finds them loving sisters. The family reaches there with Abir and Kunal. They get happy to see Mishti and Kuhu’s union in tough time. They meet Kuhu and are concerned for her. They forgive Mishti and Kuhu, who promise to stay united from now. Abir apologizes to Mishti. He wants to take her home. He wishes to start a family. He gets a shocking news that Mishti can never conceive. Abir’s dreams of parenthood get shattered.

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