Choti Sardarni 28th September Param in grave danger

Choti Sardarni Barrister Babu Colors 22nd September 2020

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Choti Sardarni Barrister Babu Colors 22nd September 2020 Bondita lies to Anirudh once again and runs from the house. She manages to come back before him. She feels guilty when he shows much faith on her. He locks the door and windows so that she doesn’t leave the studies. Bondita prays to get some way to go out. Binoy opens the door so that she goes out and gets caught. Bondita feels that Kanha has opened the door for her so that she goes out and completes the Tapasya. She gets happy and runs from the house to meet Brij.

She thinks once she does the Tapasya, she will be helping Sampoorna forever. She wants her sister’s marriage to get saved. Binoy lets Anirudh check on Bondita. Anirudh goes to check Bondita and finds the pot covered by the saree. He gets much raging on her big lie. He wonders where did she go. He doubts that she has gone to see Kanha miracle at Brij’s place. Binoy gives the lead to Anirudh.

Choti Sardarni Barrister Babu Colors 22nd September 2020:

Vikram takes the disguise of Manav once again to pull his plan. Kulwant is much worried that Manav will expose her truth. She sends her sons to assassinate Manav. Bittu and Rana get tricked when they see Manav travelling in the car with a police office. They don’t think he is Vikram himself. Bittu shoots at Manav to kill him. Vikram lays a trap for them.

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story:
Arjun breaks up with Pinky in order to keep her mum’s request. He loves Pinky a lot. He tells Pinky that he will never accept her. He shows Parul and his wedding card. He wants Pinky to sign the divorce papers. Pinky doesn’t listen to him. He doesn’t want her to stay back for more time, since her dad needs her. He wants her parents to be happy. He has given them enough sorrow already. He wants Pinky to go home and help her dad recover. Pinky tells him that she will go once he gets married to Parul. She has high hopes that he will never cheat her. Arjun gets troubled on failing to convince her that he doesn’t love her.

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