Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2020 Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2020 Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2020 Update on Krishna informs Naira that Kartik had come to meet her, but left soon. She tries to give hints to Naira that Kartik is still close to her. She shivers with fear, since Desai family is fraud, they are the kidnappers. Kartik has been kidnapped by Desai family and is captive in their house. Krishna is forced to lie to Naira. Naira enquires about Kartik further. Krishna tells that Kartik was in hurry to go home.

She hints Naira by asking her to look for Kartik by following her heart. She tells that Kartik had promised to always be with her even if he goes away. She hopes that Naira understands her hint and comes back to find Kartik. Naira doesn’t understand the hint and leaves from there. She goes home and informs the family that she couldn’t find Kartik. The Goenka family cries for Kartik. Naksh and Kirti bring Krish home, while the elders await him.

Krish throws tons of attitude, but they are happy with his coming. They are sure that Krish will gel with them and their culture soon. Kirti informs Suwarna that Krish has come home. She receives a shock to know that Kartik is missing since the last night. She worriedly asks Naksh to go to Goenka house and be with Naira. Naira cries for Kartik. Even Krishna cries for Kartik, who fell into big trouble because of her.

She wishes that Naira recollects her words and gets the hint hidden to know about Kartik. She couldn’t tell Naira about Kartik directly, since her fraud family can harm him. She wants Kartik to be safe until Naira finds him. Desai family tortures Krishna and locks her in the room. Krishna curses them and hopes to get her freedom. She wanted to live with Kartik and Naira. She wishes Kartik stays fine and goes back to his family. She doesn’t want Naira’s baby to be raised without a father. Naira thinks where could Kartik go without telling her.

The family discusses to find a possible solution. The police arrives home with a news. Inspector tells them that there is a possibility of kidnapping, since there had been many cases of kidnapping in that location where they found Kartik’s car. Naira wonders how could this happen. Inspector tells that often rich people get kidnapped for a ransom. He asks them to wait for the kidnapper’s call for the ransom. The family thinks to wait for the kidnapper’s call so that they can take a step to get Kartik back. Naira loses courage and cries.

She then gathers courage and tells herself that she has to find Kartik. She consoles her baby, who kicks out of worry for Kartik. Naira wants to keep faith instead fear. She tells that she won’t let anything happen to Kartik. She talks to her baby and ensures that Kartik will be back. She does a mental exercise and recollects Kartik and Krishna’s words. She gets the hidden clue from Krishna’s words.

She feels Kartik is still at Krishna’s place, since Krishna told her that Kartik is around. She wants to know if Krishna was trying to tell her about Kartik. She feels Krishna was scared when they met. She rushes to family to inform them about Krishna’s clue. The family doesn’t think Kartik is at Krishna’s place, since Samarth had been there with Naira and found Krishna happy with her parents. They think Naira is imagining things. Naira’s doubt gets true, since Krishna is being beaten up by the bad people.

Desai family and the goons kidnapped Kartik for a big ransom. Naira wants to visit Krishna again and asks Naksh to take her there. Dadi stops Naira from stepping out of the house. She worries for her baby. She asks Naira to take care of her baby at least for Kartik’s sake. She feels sorry to scold Naira, knowing that Naira is just worried for Kartik. Naira happens to see Kartik, who wants her to stay at home and take care of the baby. Naira doesn’t want to listen to him. She decides to find him at any cost. She determines to return home only if she finds him. She follows her heart and reaches Krishna’s house to find him. Will Naira find Kartik in time? Keep reading.

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