Kasautii Zindagii 26th September Update Finale twists begin

Kasautii Zindagii 26th September Update Finale twists begin

Kasautii Zindagii 26th September Update Finale twists begin. Prerna confronts Anurag for killing Sneha. She reveals the harsh truth that she has lost Sneha. She informs him that Sneha is dead. How does this happen and when? Prerna meets Anurag at the office. She is angry on knowing that Komolika has adopted Samidha. She scolds Anurag for snatching Samidha after he had snatched Sneha from her. She tells him that he is always been unfair and back-stabbed her trust.

She says Sneha left me forever. Anurag asks what is she saying. He tries to understand. Prerna cries and accuses him. She tells that he is the reason for everything. She curses the day when he broke her trust and tried to kill her. She adds that its because of him that she lost Sneha, since he had given Sneha to the orphanage lady Chandrika, there was a fire incident at the orphanage and Sneha died there. Anurag cries on knowing it.

Anurag tells Prerna that he didn’t know the truth before, he is equally in pain, since he thought Sneha is happily living with Prerna. He regrets his actions which had separated Sneha from life. He didn’t wish to get Sneha in danger. He wanted to just save Prerna from Komolika’s trap. Anurag gets accused by Prerna. He shares his pain with her. They both have a hug, while he consoles her. They happen to meet in the hospital because of Kuki’s case. Kuki gets injured after a row with Kaushik in the college library.

She meets an accident and gets rushed to the hospital by Kaushik. Prerna assumes Anurag to be the culprit to use Kaushik against Kuki. She blames him again. Anurag clears his name from the mess. He tells Prerna that he didn’t pass any demolition orders to hurt Samidha and didn’t plan to rusticate Kuki. He wants to end Prerna’s misunderstanding. He tells her that he can never hurt her intentionally. He was helpless to break her trust to save her life. He expresses his concern for Prerna.

He asks her to always remember that he will care for her like before. Prerna gets confused on hearing him. She doesn’t know if she was right to blame him. She learns from Kaushik that Kuki met with an accident, while Kaushik was professing love to her. Anurag supports Kaushik’s love story. Prerna also wants to support Kuki. Doctor gives a shocking news to Kaushik. Kaushik learns that Kuki has slipped in coma. He wishes her to get fine and understand his love.

Chandrika wants to help Komolika, while Priyanka wants to help Prerna. Prerna blames Anurag for Sneha’s death. Anurag learns that his daughter is no more. he promises Prerna that Komolika will not snatch Samidha from her. JKomolika informs Anurag about the adoption process completion. She wants to share her happiness with him. Anurag is called home to see the surprise. He doesn’t know that Komolika got Samidha home.

Furthermore, Prerna learns that Komolika has already adopted Samidha. She gets a huge shock on seeing Chandrika’s madness when the latter slaps Priyanka in rage. Chandrika blurts out the entire truth that Samidha is Prerna’s daughter Sneha. Prerna wants to tell Anurag the truth. She realizes that Komolika is keeping her away from her daughter because of this truth.

In the latest promo, Prerna and Anurag unite with Samidha and make a happy family. They learn Samidha is Sneha and are overjoyed. Samidha gets her parents and is very happy with them. Komolika plays the last move to ruin them down. She wants them to cry blood tears on losing Sneha once again. It gets revealed that she is Sneha. Komolika chases Samidha with a knife to kill Samidha. Komolika wants to give big sorrow to Anurag and Prerna. Will she succeed? Keep reading. The show is going to end on 3rd October, 2020.

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