Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September Update Naira’s Goddess avatar

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September Update Naira's Goddess avatar

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September Full Written Update Naira’s Goddess avatar Naira tries to run away from the evil lady. She gets tired and reaches a temple. She wishes that no harm reaches her at the temple. She makes prayers to find Kartik. On the other hand, Kartik thinks its not wise to wait for more time. He wants to take away Krishna and reach Naira.

He doesn’t shoot at any goon, since all the kidnappers will get alert hearing the gun shot. The evil lady follows Naira. She finds Naira praying with the women. She doesn’t dare to hurt Naira. Naira gains strength. She wishes Kartik and Krishna stay safe and meet her soon. The ladies take care of Naira, knowing she is pregnant. They ask Naira if she will stay at the temple for the prayers. Naira is hopeful that she will soon find Kartik. Kartik and Krishna stop on seeing some girls kidnapped by the gang.

Kartik tells that he will not come until he saves the girls. He asks Krishna to go and stop Naira from coming to the factory. Krishna is scared to go alone. She can’t even leave Kartik alone. Kartik encourages her to be strong and go away. He tells her that she can do anything if she is determined. He doesn’t want the girls’ families to undergo the pain. Krishna tells that she will get help for him. She promises him.

Kartik wants to go back to Naira soon. He tells that his plan will work, he will free the girls and come soon. He sends away Krishna. He learns that the gang is planning to sell away the girls. He remembers Naira to gain some strength. He wants to be with Naira and welcome his daughter into the world. Naira too recollects her moments with Kartik. She passes the night at the temple. The ladies look after her.

They bless Naira to meet her husband soon. Naira is grateful to them for the help. Krishna looks for some help. She gets glad to see a police officer. She misses out to reach him. Naira thinks of travelling to the factory. Krishna happens to see Naira. Krishna and Naira have a moment of union. They both are equally joyed to meet. Krishna complains about the fraud people. Naira apologizes to send her with the evil Desai family.

Krishna tells that Desais are the kidnappers, they sell the girls for money. Naira enquires about Kartik. Krishna tells her that Kartik is fine, but he is in deep trouble. She tells that Kartik’s life is in danger, since he stayed back at the factory to save the other girls. Naira doesn’t want anything to happen to Kartik. She takes Krishna with her. She faces pain and stops for a while. Kartik gets caught. He lies to the kidnappers that he didn’t help Krishna escape. Krishna wants to get help Naira.

Kartik asks the kidnappers to lock him in some room. The kidnappers come in his words and lock him in the room where they have kept the girls captive. Kartik gets to see the girls. He gets worried. He assures them that he will help them. Suwarna speaks to Manish, who informs her about his nightmare. He tells her that Kartik is in danger. Suwarna worriedly informs this to the family.

The Goenka family wishes Kartik and Naira to stay fine. Krishna gets medical aid for Naira with the help of some villagers. Naira daydreams of Kartik. She wishes Kartik really comes back to her. She feels the baby and is relieved. She wants Krishna to just be with her. Kartik tells the girls that Krishna has escaped just to get help for them. The girls don’t think he can help them. He frees the girls and boosts their courage. The doctor helps Naira with some information.

Naira borrows her phone to make a call to the family and police. Kartik asks the girls to fight for their lives. Naira informs the police. She asks Inspector to reach soon and nab the gang. The doctor informs Naira about the procession reaching the border by a truck. She asks Naira to travel along the devotees. Kartik gets attacked by the kidnappers who try to kill on seeing Naira there. She takes a Goddess avatar to save her husband. Naira stops the kidnappers and saves Kartik’s life. Keep reading.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September Update Naira's Goddess avatar

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