Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata 8th October 2020 Written Update Manish scary act

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata 8th October 2020 Written Update Manish scary act

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata 8th October 2020 Written Update Manish scary act Kartik and Naira are excited when the family praises their baby’s lovely looks. There are special moments celebrated with the newborn. Dadi wants to save the baby from the bad sight. Kartik gets protective. Dadi lectures him. He doesn’t want Kartik to stop her from doing the rituals. She asks them to decide about the person performing the rituals. The entire family is keen to perform the special rituals.

Kartik and Naira feel that its their right first, being the parents of the baby. Devyaani makes a good suggestion. She tells them that if someone could call the baby and wake her up, then they can get the right to perform the rituals. The family tries to wake up the sleeping baby. The baby doesn’t respond to anyone, except Manish. Dadi feels Manish and the baby are bonded since their last birth. She regards the baby a good omen for Goenka family.

She is glad that baby didn’t come home alone, but got Manish as well. She was longing for her son since long. The baby fulfilled Dadi and Suwarna’s wishes. Dadi blesses the baby. She cries happily when Kartik makes Manish perform the ritual of honey feed. Manish takes help from Kartik to accomplish the task well. Everyone in the family loves Manish as much as they love the baby. They get glad to see Manish’s calm behavior, which is actually a good sign.

Later, Kartik gets busy in preparing some charts. Naira asks him not to get office work in their room. Kartik tells that he didn’t wish to disturb her. He shows the cute charts he has prepared to handle the baby according to the time table. Naira finds him ignorant of the fact that they have to handle the baby according to their own times. She tells that she has handled Kairav alone and knows everything well. She feels sorry to see him upset.

He tells her that he just wanted to relive the missed out moments. He gets emotional showing her the photos he clicked to make a collage. He wants to support Naira in raising their baby. Naira hugs him and tags him the world’s best father to encourage him. She doesn’t want Kartik to feel bad. On the other side, Naksh and Kirti’s differences still seem to affect their relation. Naksh hasn’t forgotten about Aditya’s claim yet. He is disturbed within, but tries to appear happy for the sake of Naira. Kirti tells him that its time they should tell the truth to the family.

Naksh doesn’t think to ruin the family’s happiness so soon. He warns Kirti against revealing anything that would affect Naira’s life. Kirti wants Naksh to just admit the truth so that she gets free from the lie she is forced to live. Krish overhears their conversation. He is clueless about their fight. Naksh wants Kirti to behave normal when they meet Naira for celebrating Nahavan festive. Naksh wants to tell the family that he is divorcing Kirti when the right time comes. Kartik and Naira deck up for the festive puja.

Naira looks gorgeous. She receives compliments from Kartik. Both Kartik and Naira promise each other that they will never let anyone else take their places in their lives. They want to be devoted to each other. Kartik wants Manish to stay back in the room until the puja finished. Manish finds hard to be at one place. Krishna assures Kartik that she will stay with Manish and look after him. Kartik and Naira head for the rituals, while Krishna struggles to pacify Manish when he demands to see Kartik.

Furthermore, Goenka family welcomes Singhania family. They miss out Kairav, who should have done the rituals for his baby sister. Dadi suggests that Krish can perform the rituals on Kairav’s behalf. She wants to keep the puja once again for the sake of Kairav’s happiness when he returns home. Kartik and Naira get happy while receiving the gifts from the family. Naksh gives their childhood toy to Naira’s daughter.

He adds that the toy has Naitik and Akshara’s blessings. They get emotional and miss their parents. Naira gets more than happy. Dadi blesses Kartik and Naira to have an auspicious life. Manish takes the little baby with him during the play. He goes to make a mistake by putting the baby in the water tub. This shocks the entire family, who didn’t expect this from Manish. Krishna tries hard to stop Manish. Will Krishna be able to save the baby in time and make a place in Dadi’s heart? Keep reading.

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