Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2021 Written Update Daring Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2021 Written Update Daring Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2021 Written Update Daring Preeta Karan’s flirty side surprises Preeta. She is very happy that her marriage is getting normal. She likes the happiness around. Kritika gets much happy when she receives much love from Akshay’s mother. Preeta doesn’t want to spoil their happiness. Sherlyn stops Mahira from making any mistake. Kareena takes care of the guests. She is pleased to see the way Preeta is doing her responsibility. Sherlyn apologizes to Mahira. She tells that she is sorry to misbehave with Ramona. She offers help to Mahira.

Mahira wants her help in spoiling Preeta’s image in front of the Luthra family. Sherlyn tells Mahira that they will not miss out the chance when they find a good one. She tells that they will target Preeta by using Akshay. Mahira is relieved that Ramona is around. Sanjana and Ramona prepare to support their daughters in the plan. Karan makes sure that the Jaago ritual is just exactly the way it happens in villages.

Rakhi enjoys the Jaago night experience by the special troupe called by Karan. The house gets celebrations and enjoy. Karan and Preeta’s performance adds sparkles in the celebrations. While Rakhi is happy to see them, Mahira gets jealous. Mahira can’t tolerate the sight of their smiling faces. Preeta wants to know the person calling Akshay. She sees Ruchika’s name flashing on the screen. Shrishti calls Preeta to a corridor for a meeting. Preeta reaches her. She tells Shrishti about Ruchika.

She wants to find about the girl, if she is Akshay’s girlfriend. Preeta tells Shrishti that she has taken the responsibility of Kritika’s marriage, she can’t help Shrishti much by disappearing from the functions. Shrishti tells that Akshay would be confident that he has won and enjoy the function without being alert, which will help them. She makes a plan to steal Akshay’s phone to check the messages and gallery. Preeta doesn’t want Shrishti to get caught. She hopes that Shrishti doesn’t fail.

Shrishti happens to see Akshay and greets him. Akshay doesn’t know that Ruchika has also arrived. Shrishti tries to get Akshay’s phone. He tells that he doesn’t want to have any drinks. He wants to enjoy the functions. He spots Ruchika. He panics and leaves the phone in a hurry. He goes after Ruchika. Shrishti gets his phone with ease. Preeta follows Akshay to know about his meeting with Ruchika. Ruchika doesn’t want him to marry Kritika. He tells her that he has to marry Kritika for their sake. Preeta finds him hugging Ruchika.

Her suspicion gets true. His truth gets known to her. She thinks if she should tell the truth to Kritika. Rakhi gets emotional to perform Chudiya rasam for Kritika. She cries that Mahesh is unconscious, but still he can hear them, he can feel their emotions and will be glad.

Rakhi and Karan are positive that Mahesh will recover soon. This news gives shock to Sherlyn. Rakhi tells that Mahesh will be out of coma very soon. Sherlyn rushes to Mahira. Karan attends Rishabh’s call. Preeta takes Kritika along. She confronts Akshay about Ruchika. Akshay surprising accepts that he was with someone. This shocks Karan and Kritika. What story will Akshay cook up? Do you love the all new daring Preeta? Comment below and keep reading.

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  1. Everytime this fucking sherlyn and mahera wins,this is too much. Please its a high time to expose them or else we will stop watching.

  2. It shows that how evil always wins. Sherlyn is pregnant over how long now. And why does each story has a saut in it and living with them. Kareena bua sherlyn mahira they all need a hard slap back to reality and also their moms for supporting their daughters . Kareena needs to realize that her daughter is about to get married what if same thing happens to her what she did to preeta really ms ekta stop making evil people win write a story line that good people do win and get what they truly deserve

  3. Why even ramona is well treated after being exposed of her wrong doings and also the behavior shown to sarla when she was accused was totally different from the treatment with ramona after being exposed…

  4. Ekta Kapoor now people have stopped watching ur serial because u never punish the culprits sherlin Mahira n prithvi stop making such serial now bits high time if u can end the serial end it happily

  5. I think most of her series are just to while away time because they are so unrealistic and very hard to believe,why do bad people always win? Why is it that bad things always happen to good people when they are happy? I feel like the writer is just elongating the movie. Please get straight to the point and stop making us guess what will happen next cause we are not even sure if Mahira,Sherilyn and Prithvi would ever be exposed including Ramona and Sanjana #useless mothers#

  6. Stop ekta enough is engh wind up the serials ur incomplete episode’s make the viewers boring it’s only trp rating URS serials r top it’s vvvvvv irritating

  7. Your series will be Number one only when u make the good people win most of the time Preeta is more intelligent than Sherlyn and Mahira

  8. Indian story is fake and u can’t learn any learn in it if dey don’t die and come back again is all repetition of story and names, is same name every time to different characters, is there no name in Indian. Very boring and immature.

  9. Seriously it’s becoming alittle boring now …when are we going to see Mahira and Sherlyn out of the Luthra house and also I have never seen a pregnancy that has gone more than two years…woww really!but seriously we want to see Preeta with no obstacles whatsoever

  10. I love the story but seriously it’s getting tasteless that the culprits always get away with doing wrong…can u please balance ur storyline a bit.

  11. Who’s the idiot producer of this stupid show? And who are the sycophantic script writers who are sucking up to negative characters of sherlyn, mahira and the snake in the grass bua and perpetuating their characters? Is sherlyn married to a producer, director or someone like that? I see her partying with the main characters a lot. The lead characters Karan and Preeta’s characters are so lame and instead the villains have the best roles and opportunities to shine. Why the favoritism towards negative characters? There must be something wrong some corruption with the writer crew and or the producers and directors. Some corruption somewhere surely. Hard to believe that anyone in their right mind can write, direct, or produce such utter bilge. The honeymoon episodes were disgusting. Not what we expected. Clean up your filth, you idiots and give the audience something worthwhile to watch. The TRPs will continue to drop unless you get your stupidity under control and allow the protagonists to shine. That’s what the audience wants, you imbeciles. If you can’t do that then leave the show and take your lousy skills with you. You have destroyed a promising show and made it into a farce.

  12. Omg this drama.. please stop many consequences. I don’t like the cunning in the drama. Please give a good lesson to the cunning gang🤣🤣 I can’t wait to see
    Sherlyn Mahira
    And the two fucking supported mothers 🤣✌️ Please don’t let win the cunning gangs 😂


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