Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2021 Full Update Abhi Pragya union

Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2021 Full Update Abhi Pragya union

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2021 Full Update Abhi Pragya union Aaliya and Tanu insult Pragya and throw her out of the house. Pragya shares her pain with Sarita. She makes a prayer that Abhi recovers. She keeps a condition to keep her devotion only if her husband stays fine. Abhi gets treated by the doctors. Pragya tests her devotion. She worships further for the sake of her husband. She wants to die if Abhi can’t be given a good life. Pragya senses that something good is going to happen with her. Abhi recovers from the deadly incident.

He recovers his memory. He misses Pragya. He remembers the time when he had married her in the temple. Pragya realizes his call and is happy within. Sarita doesn’t figure out what’s Pragya experiencing. On the other hand, Ranbir meets Prachi at the office. He wants to know why she didn’t leave early. Prachi doesn’t want to answer him. She reminds that she isn’t his personal assistant. She still helps him out with the car mechanic’s number.

She wants him to handle his life without her. Ranbir keeps his silence, seeing Prachi not expressing any of her feelings. Prachi is still helpless because of Rhea. She sticks to her promise to Rhea, unaware of the situation faced by both Abhi and Pragya. Abhi shouts Pragya’s name aloud and makes it audible for the entire family, who are in disbelief that he got conscious. Baljeet gets a foot sprain while she rushes to meet Abhi.

Aaliya doesn’t want Abhi to get Pragya home. She feels her position will be threatened if Pragya returns. Pragya tells Sarita that Abhi has called her, she has heard his voice. Sarita explains her that Abhi doesn’t even identify her, he doesn’t have his memory. She stops Pragya from going back to Mehra mansion.

Pragya tells that her heart isn’t able to cope up. Abhi remembers the times when he got shot by Digvijay. Aaliya tells Mitali that she is worried to answer Abhi about Tanu. Mitali tells her that Abhi will not spare them. Aaliya tells that maybe Abhi won’t remember Tanu. Mitali wishes that Abhi forgets Aaliya as well. Aaliya wants to be careful.

Abhi meets his family, who rejoices seeing him behaving normal. Abhi questions them about Pragya. Rhea tells Abhi that she missed him a lot. Abhi doesn’t remember about his illness phase. He wants to know where is Pragya right now. Baljeet tells that he has recovered for the good. She asks him if he remembers Gayatri. He tells her that Pragya has given him a new life. He reveals to them that he got shot while saving Pragya from the goons.

Aaliya hinders him from meeting Pragya. She fills his ears against Pragya. She tells him that Pragya didn’t wish him to survive. Abhi tells her that Pragya has saved his life, even when he doesn’t remember anything, but he is sure that she can never leave him in danger. He remembers that she had taken him to the hospital. Aaliya reminds that he got treated by the doctors after they admitted him. Baljeet asks Aaliya to tell the entire truth.

She reveals that Pragya had come home to take care of him, she begged them but they ousted her from the house repeatedly. She is thankful that Pragya had taken a disguise of Gayatri to protect him and help him recover. She tells that she wanted to support Pragya, but Aaliya had threatened to throw her out of the house. She tells him that Aaliya used to beat him a lot, it was just Pragya who had cured him with her patience and love. Abhi tells Baljeet that he will fix everything. Aaliya asks Baljeet not to create troubles in the family. She still believes that she is right. Baljeet tells that Abhi will decide it himself.

Rhea asks Aaliya why did she hide about Pragya. Aaliya lies to her that Pragya came home for the sake of property. Tanu hides from Abhi. Abhi angrily throws out Aaliya from the house. He clears out that Aaliya is just staying in his house and doing so wrong to oust Pragya, who is the real owner of the house. He tells that Pragya is his wife and has total right on his house. He shows Aaliya her real place. Aaliya is stunned by his anger. Moreover, Abhi meets Pragya and unites with her. Pragya is too joyed to find him in good health. She is surprised to the core. Will this turn true or just be Pragya’s dream? What will Aaliya do to stop their union? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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26 responses to “Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2021 Full Update Abhi Pragya union”

  1. Octobergirl Avatar

    Finally aaliah will be thrown out, hopefully forever and also Purab will leave her taking Aryan and their story will be exposed now and he gets back with Disha.
    KKB has seen enough of Aaliah deviousness. Time to finally unite Abhi and Pragya to raise their children in love. Maybe now I might start watching this show again

    1. Anam Avatar

      Yes people like you do agree that aliyah should be thrown out especially her in jail!!! She is a killer!!! Thank god you think the same as me and finally abhigya with their family 😘

    2. Emmanuella Aniefiok Okpongete Avatar
      Emmanuella Aniefiok Okpongete

      If this Director and Producer have sense and are human and realistic, let Ahbi and Pragya live together. Let Aaliyah be sent out to go and stay with her husband Urab. There should be no more twist. Let Pragya enjoy marriage please Abhi loves her. Let her children also experience love so that they can also have value for family life with husband and wife. Thank you producer Nd Director of KKB.

  2. Keshav Ravulapati Avatar
    Keshav Ravulapati

    At least now end this serial with a happy note.

  3. B Avatar

    Abby and pragya should be together and raise their children and now we can start their story.Purab and Disha should reunite and we need to know what happened to sonny so that he can be with his brother aryan.

  4. Aishwarya Avatar

    This will be gone very long because now it happena that Rhea will not except the pragya and Prachi because she loves ranbir and same here Prachi loves loves ranbir.

  5. Aishwarya Avatar

    This will be gone very long because now it happens that Rhea will not except the pragya and Prachi because she loves ranbir and same here Prachi loves ranbir,and ranbir loves Prachi .

  6. Ayotola Avatar

    Aliyah should be thrown out of the house and pragya , abhi should happily ever after with their children and please what is tanu still doing in that house pls let it end in an happy note ( pls twist of fate should in season 3 and no more ) also tanu and Aliyah should be punished for there misdeeds

    1. Anam Avatar

      Yes people like you do agree that aliyah should be thrown out especially her in jail!!! She is a killer!!! Thank god you think the same as me and finally abhigya with their family 😘

    2. Ishana Avatar

      This show is not going to end soon now Tanu is going to lodge a FIR against abhi and then rhea Prachi and ranbir story is still left

  7. Ifeoma Avatar

    Let them end the show. I’m fed up with this childish plot.

  8. AMAKA Avatar

    I will start watching again when there is good news and some sensible thing to watch…. Alert me, then and only then.

  9. Prachi Avatar

    Man šitqs serjalas labai patinka norėčiau kad jis dar ilgai nesibaigtų mane nervuojq kqd prqgya su abiu dqžnai išsiskiria ir praeina viens pro kitq lyg nepazinotu

  10. Mercy Avatar

    Is disha pragya’s real sister?

    1. Gayathri K B Avatar
      Gayathri K B

      no.. just purabs wife

  11. Ashwini Avatar

    Pls reunite abhi and pragya pls throw out aliya ,tanu and mitali too it should be real not dream of pragya

    1. Ajay koul Avatar
      Ajay koul

      Pl, for God’s sake no dreams .Unite the family.Through Alia into space or dustbin ,she is doing totally overacting.We have stopped seeing the show.Good news or your Balaji show is off.People are fed up .

  12. prachi Avatar

    now tanu will file a complain against abhi , and that is of rape .. and that’s why prachi will go to tanu and request her to take her complaint back .. and while that rhea will also come their n likewise rhea and prachi will be together in atleast one thing

  13. Zarin Avatar

    Make it a real story not again a a so called dream…. Don’t drag the same part

  14. Catherine Avatar

    Waiting to see Abhi,Pragya and their daughters together. Aaliya should be thrown out of the house forever or join King in London. Tanu should leave the house as soon as Aaliya goes away.Purab and Disha should also unite including their son Sunny. Rhea and Prachi should sort their differences and let Ranbir marry the one he loves amongst the two sisters . It’s time for Mitali and her husband plus their mother to find a place to stay not in Mehra Mansion.The house is for Abhigya children and Dadi. We want happy ending for Abhigya.Also waiting for Kiara to come but not for revenge. We have hard enough of twists and revenges.

  15. Nothando Avatar

    It’s boring now y can prayga and abhi be together as once

  16. Xxxxx Avatar

    Very backws serial stop it now and pls save women dont show anything bad again upcoming series. Verna india ke sare womens bigad jayenge jitendra ki beti ki tarah.

  17. Saaim Avatar

    1. Pragya and abhi reunion
    2. Purab and disha reunion
    3. Aaryan identity is revealed that he is the son of disha and purab
    4. Pranchi and ranbir marriage
    5. Rhea marriage with other guy
    6. Throw out aliya, tanu, mitali
    7. Kiara return
    8. Finally Digvijay, and all other enemies are caught by police.

    And now finish this drama with happy ending

  18. Dhanalakshmi Gopalakrishnan Avatar
    Dhanalakshmi Gopalakrishnan

    Now things are going bad outside and watching negative things happening in episode it stress I really enjoy this program it’s wonderful have good ending all the family get together ♥️😇

  19. Good night bye Avatar
    Good night bye

    Yes people like you do agree that aliyah should be thrown out especially her in jail!!! She is a killer!!! Thank god you think the same as me and finally abhigya with their family

  20. Bimbo Avatar

    Reunion of Abhi & Pragya with their children.
    Aliyah and Tanu shouldshould be done away with forever.
    Purab and Disha unite as husbandhusband and wife.
    End of story, it has taken like forever and loosing its flavour.
    Start a new season/story line please. Though l Will still love to see Abhi & Pragya in the new series

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