Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2021 Full Update Preeta breaks silence

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2021 Full Update Preeta breaks silence

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2021 Full Update Preeta breaks silence ACP Vijay questions Kritika, Karan and Preeta about their presence at the hotel. Karan tells him that he was at the hotel to meet Preeta, he had planned a date with her, but she got late in coming, he left from there with Mahira when Preeta didn’t arrive. Vijay tells that its interesting that Mahira was with Karan. Karan tells that Mahira had come there to meet her friend, who didn’t turn up. ACP questions Prithvi about his presence at the hotel. Prithvi is worried that he met Akshay at the hotel.

ACP tells that he knows about Preeta well, if not about anyone else. He blames her for meeting Akshay and murdering him. He wants her to reveal the story to the family herself. He tells the family that Preeta is Akshay’s murderer. He declares her arrest for the murder charges. He arrests Preeta, while the entire family goes in shock. Karan and Prithvi get defending Preeta, believing that she can never kill anyone.

Mahira enjoys the sight of Preeta’s tears. Karan stops the arrest. He questions ACP about the proof against Akshay. ACP tells that he has an evidence against Preeta. Rakhi wants to speak to Preeta in private to know the matter. She tells that ACP knows Mahesh well, it would be a favor if he allows her to talk to Preeta. Rakhi takes Preeta with her. Karan tells that Preeta is innocent. ACP tells that he had doubted Preeta and now his proved as well, she had been at the hotel when Akshay was murdered. Karan asks ACP to arrest him as well.


ACP tells that he has no witness or proof against him, else he would have arrested him as well. Rakhi wants to know from Preeta why she met Akshay. Preeta admits that she had hurt Akshay but she didn’t intend to. She doesn’t want to tell Rakhi about Kritika. She wants Kritika’s name to get hidden from the police. She has promised Kritika to always protect her. She wants to protect Karan and Luthras’ name.

Rakhi asks Preeta what is she hiding, she can’t kill anyone, if she had hurt Akshay, then she can tell the truth to her. She wants to save her Bahu. She shows her faith on Preeta. Preeta tells Rakhi that she didn’t knew that Akshay will die by her hands. Rakhi consoles her. She tells that she will find a way to help her. She asks Preeta to reason out her meeting with Akshay. Preeta cooks up a story that she had gone to warn Akshay to not trouble Kritika. She admits that Akshay was misbehaving with her, she had to take a step and hit him to protect herself.

Rakhi doesn’t believe her half truth. She asks Preeta to not hide anything from her. Preeta tells her that she isn’t hiding anything, its a mistake she committed. Rakhi can’t accept the fact that Preeta will go to meet and scold him for one phone call. She suggests Preeta to run away. She tells that ACP will not spare her. She wants Preeta to not face the arrest. She thinks running away will be an easy way. Karan asks ACP to present the proof against Preeta.

ACP makes fun of Karan. He tells that Karan can’t tag him wrong, he is working all day and night by leaving family behind just for the sake of his duty. He doesn’t want to let the culprit go away. He tells Karan that he isn’t scared of any transfer. He asks Karan to call Rakhi and Preeta outside. Karan doesn’t want him to arrest his wife. ACP prepares to arrest Karan as well, for hindering the police work. Kareena asks ACP not to cross his limits. She believes that Karan is doing the right thing to defend his wife.

ACP tells that he will arrest Karan, if he commits a crime. ACP tangles Kareena in his words. Kareena wants her lawyers to speak to the police. ACP tells that Kritika is feeling bad for Preeta, knowing that the latter had committed the crime. He tells that Kareena looks calm and unconcerned for Preeta. Rakhi tells them that she had made Preeta escape from the window. She stops ACP from his duty. Preeta doesn’t run away. She gets caught. Rakhi asks her why didn’t she run away on her saying.

Preeta surrenders to the police. This upsets Karan, when she doesn’t reveal the truth to him. He wants to hear the truth from her, but she is helpless on her side. Karan tells her that he doesn’t want to hear a cooked up story from her. ACP Vijay arrests Preeta, who gets to see Mahira signalling her about the three-day challenge. Preeta realizes that it was Mahira’s plan to get rid of her in three days. Will she find out Mahira’s involvement in the murder case? What is Kareena’s part in this mystery? How will Preeta get saved? will Preeta break her silence and confess the entire truth? Keep reading. Comment your views on the track.

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  1. For once an Indian soap opera is getting interesting and an excellent plot. Let evil win in this case and not normal Bollywood style where star boy and star girl win.

  2. As i go through the up coming twist i read Karan is going to marry Mahira pls dont turn the story like that always Preeta has to suffer its too unfair

  3. Here we go again..preeta in trouble and the truth wont come out. For once i wish this soapie would make a drastic move and reveal the damn truth. This will drag for months now.

  4. I just don’t understand the writer,why always the evil wins,that’s wrong!it doesn’t make the movie interesting,something must be done about it!

  5. Again preeta.Why is the writer going in circle with preeta.Now its time to kareena save preeta.When will sheryln give birth.And where is rishab.I think the writer should find another person for the murder of akshay

  6. I dont understand whts the nonsence going on..alwayz evil wins truth is never came out of prithvi sherlyn mahira..mahesh has been for icu aprx more than 1yr taken fr nonsence story..reveal everyones face n let the truth wins this tym always preeta gets insulted

  7. I wish the truth should come out by Karan for saving preeta mahira should be caught in all this cases then the story can be interesting

  8. Preeta is the best ilove preeta and karan jodi and i knows that karan will help preeta and mahira plan gets fail ❤❤❤❤


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