Kundali Bhagya Karan new hint Full Update 29th April

Kundali Bhagya Karan new hint Full Update 29th April

Kundali Bhagya Karan new hint Full Update 29th April Sameer and Shrishti reach the blackmailer’s location and leave the car away. They try to hide. They wait for Mahira. They want to see who is the blackmailer, the possible murderer of Akshay. She hopes to get the truth from the blackmailer. Prithvi reaches there before Mahira for the same purpose to pay money to the blackmailer. Sameer and Shrishti try to see Prithvi’s face. Blackmailer arrives there. Guard stops the hooded person and follows him. Sameer and Shrishti secure themselves.

She tells that they have to see the killer’s face some how to prove Preeta’s innocence. She thinks its time to make the smart move. Prithvi wants to see the blackmailer’s face. Guard calls the cops. The blackmailer leaves from there. Prithvi also runs out before coming in Shrishti’s sight. Mahira waits for the blackmailer, Shubham. He slaps him and leaves him with a final warning. He tells that he isn’t blackmailing her. She tells that she isn’t scared of Prithvi either. She asks him to never call her again.

He makes an apology. Shrishti thinks Prithvi is the blackmailer, while Prithvi tries to chase the blackmailer. Prithvi gets alert knowing Shrishti is also here. The blackmailer leaves. Prithvi gets stuck. He doesn’t want Shrishti to see, doubt and interrogate him. He tricks them to make an escape. She tells Sameer that she will pour hot oil on the blackmailer to find out his identity. Sameer tells that they can use hot water.

Prithvi wants to get saved from them. Karan meets the lawyer, who informs him that Preeta’s confession has made the case weak. Karan has total faith on Preeta that she never lies. He asks the lawyer to turn the case in Preeta’s favor somehow. Karan knows that Preeta is a true kind person. Shrishti spots Prithvi escaping. She confronts him at home to know his involvement in Akshay’s murder. Karan gets a new hint with Shrishti’s revelation. Will he find out the truth? Keep reading. Comment your views.

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