Yeh Rishta Kartik Major twist Full update 30th April 2021

Yeh Rishta Kartik Major twist Full update 30th April 2021

Yeh Rishta Kartik Major twist Full update 30th April 2021 Kartik changes his mind when he sights Naira in his imagination. He fails to understand if she appeared to show her happiness or sorrow over his decision to move on. He concludes that he shouldn’t cheat Naira by marrying someone else. He calls off the engagement. He asks Kirti to inform the family and also Sirat that he has changed his mind. Kirti gets stressed because of his sudden decision. She rushes to the family and lets them know what dilemma Kartik has fallen into. Sirat is really happy to get engaged to a noble man like Kartik.

She is trying hard to move on. Kartik weeps in Naira’s memories. He isn’t able to forget the past. Just then, Naksh comes to end his inner conflict. Naksh eases it out for him. He tells Kartik that his decision is right for the family, especially for the kids. He tells Kartik that maybe Naira appeared to show her joy on the decision taken for her children’s betterment, since she would want Kartik and their kids to stay happy at all times. He supports Sirat, knowing Sirat had helped overcome Gayu’s depression. He feels just a true person can help others.

He asks Kartik not to feel guilty, his love for Naira will never get less, Sirat can never become Naira, but she can be a good mother for the kids. He knows Kartik has just loved his wife Naira and finds her lucky to get blessed with true love. He asks Kartik to go ahead for the engagement without any second thoughts. Kartik hugs him thankfully for the endearing support. He wishes Manish blesses his new relation too.

Suwarna asks Manish to support Kartik’s decision. Manish too agrees like Naksh did. Sirat is excited that Kartik will help her achieve her dreams once they get married. She knows that he will keep his promise. When Kartik and Sirat come for the engagement, Surekha creates a scene by highlighting little issues. Suwarna wants Surekha to accept Sirat as well. Surekha is angered that Rhea got the suffering in the whole mess. Suwarna is confident that Sirat will look after the family as Naira did. The family sings, dances and enjoys the function.

Kartik and Sirat mentally prepare for their engagement, by keeping their past memories aside. Ranvir misses Sirat. He wants to meet her once to calm the storm rising in his heart. Chandan pacifies him and asks him to take medicines for his wound. That’s the moment when Ranvir finds Kartik’s engagement ring. He decides to handover the ring to Kartik. Kartik and Sirat stop Surekha from hurting Nani’s sentiments. Kartik values the ring brought by Nani with much love. A shocker strikes when the family realizes that the engagement ring is missing.

Later, Ranvir comes to the hotel and witnesses the engagement. He passes the ring to Kartik. He is shell shocked to see Sirat with Kartik. He realizes that Sirat is the connection between Kartik and him. He feels heartbroken. Ranvir decides to leave, but Rhea stops him for her plans. Will Ranvir come in between Kartik and Sirat’s happiness? What should happen next, should Sirat hear Ranvir’s side of story and forgive him? Comment below and keep reading.

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