Kundali Bhagya Karan convict twist Update 6th May 2021

Kundali Bhagya Karan convict twist Update 6th May 2021

Kundali Bhagya Karan convict twist Update 6th May 2021 Bakshi tells the judge that he has a strong evidence in Preeta’s favor. He tries to expose the killer who is present in the court. Judge wants the killer to get presented in the court. Bakshi reveal the killer, Ruchika. He finds Ruchika and Megha missing. He wonders where did they go. Shrishti looks for the duo. Karan wants to find them at any cost, since they are the only link to prove Preeta’s innocence.

Karan tells that Ruchika and Megha will just come. Shrishti tries to contact Ruchika and Megha. She struggles to reach them. She informs Karan that she couldn’t find them anywhere. She wants to find them by reaching their house. Mahira wishes that the court convicts Preeta and Karan is left free for her. Karan asks Shrishti not to go anywhere and come back. Shrishti returns to the court to know his plan. Karan tells Bakshi that he will get Ruchika and Megha, but he needs some time. Bakshi requests for a break to resume the hearing with witnesses. Judge permits him.

Karan calls up Sameer and asks him to find out Ruchika and Megha. The family gets emotional on seeing a dejected Preeta. Rakhi asks Mahira to take care of Sherlyn, who shouldn’t have come to the court in pregnancy. Mahira and Sherlyn rejoice seeing Preeta in the big problem. Mahira tells Preeta that she meant every word when she challenged her. She taunts Preeta to get away from Karan forever. Prithvi feels Preeta had done a mistake by trusting foolish Karan. He tells that he can do anything for her, he can bring Ruchika and Megha from anywhere and make them give the statement in her favor.

He wishes that once Preeta shows faith on him, he can cross any limits to protect her. Mahira tells that she is really happy to get rid of Preeta. Preeta has hopes from Karan. Karan asks the family not to worry, he will keep his promise and take Preeta home. Prithvi goes to offer help to Sarla. Bakshi asks Karan to find Ruchika and Megha and bring them as soon as possible, if he wants to ensure Preeta’s freedom. Karan finds hard to tolerate tears in Preeta’s eyes. Bakshi fails to present the killer in front of the court. Ruchika’s escape weakens Preeta’s case.

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The case gets against Preeta. She gets accused for murdering Akshay. Bakshi tells that Preeta had left the hotel before the murder time. The judge wants to see solid evidence. Preeta tells the court that Akshay was a really bad person, he wanted to marry Kritika for his evil motives. She adds that she had broken Akshay and Kritika’s marriage. She answers everything truly and makes herself fall in trouble.

Bakshi doesn’t get a chance to defend Preeta, when she gets badly trapped by the evidences presented by the prosecutor. Akshay’s parents want justice for Akshay. They want the murderer to get punished. Kritika mentions that Preeta has done everything for her. Prosecutor tells that Preeta had attacked Akshay and left him to die. Karan wants Bakshi to defend Preeta some way. Bakshi tells that he has no evidence in their favor.

Karan wants Bakshi to win the case. Bakshi apologizes that he isn’t able to win the case. He asks Karan to get Ruchika to the court if he wants to win the case. Karan gets helpless to see Preeta suffering. He takes a big decision to take the blame of the murder on himself. He tells the court that he had murdered Akshay that night, Preeta is innocent. His confession makes him get convicted. Preeta is super shocked by his huge sacrifice.

Karan keeps his promise and asks Preeta to go home with the family. He gets arrested, while Preeta cries for him. She hugs him to not let him get away, but the police drags them apart. Karan has taken this tough step for the sake of love. Preeta shatters with their separation. Can they get back together ever? Comment your views on Karan’s sacrifice and keep reading for latest updates. Watch the latest promo below.

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  1. So tired I want to see the positive sense of this story..
    I wouldn’t see that this story is very Tough for every fans in this series

  2. Karan could have closed the chapter of Akshay murder case, why preeta. It is getting bored to show some romantic scenes in between KP there are many more ways.

  3. Dont look like d real criminals will ever get caught in this serial.use to really like this serial but has to stop watching bcuz of d amt of negativity that always win over d truth.it is gettin no way is d same ting over n over jus in a diff manner is always preeta n karan cud neva b happy always preeta gettin blame for doin d correct ting ekta shud retire fis field is not 4 her


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