Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2021 Written Update Twists

Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2021 Written Update Twists

Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2021 Written Update Twists Abhi and Pragya pretend in front of Tanu that they are still not willing to accept the deal of marriage. Pragya tells Tanu that she has decided to not give her Kumkum, even if its concerning Abhi’s freedom. She acts like a possessive wife and makes Tanu away from him. She asks Tanu why would she want to marry a person who played with her dignity. Baljeet answers Pragya that it used to be a solution in her village that the woman marries the person who ruins her dignity to make that man repent his actions.

She asks Pragya to let Abhi right the wrong he did with Tanu. She believes that Abhi has done too wrong with Tanu and scolds Abhi in the drama. She tells Abhi that he has to rectify his mistake by marrying Tanu, only then he will stay happy in his life. She adds that Pragya always gets problems for him, she isn’t auspicious for him, Tanu can protect him from evil, being the evil herself. Tanu can’t understand why Baljeet is favoring her so much.

She thinks Baljeet loves Abhi and is helpless in the whole scenario. She gets overjoyed seeing the way Baljeet commands Abhi to marry her. Abhi asks Tanu if she has threatened Baljeet to say all those harsh words. He tells Tanu that he doesn’t want to marry her, he had cleared this to her on call as well, still she had come with big hopes and confidence. He tells that her behavior is suspicious, she has been up to something that Baljeet has gone on her side. He asks what happened overnight that Baljeet planned their Roka suddenly and isn’t listening to him.

Baljeet asks Abhi not to say a word to Tanu. She tells that he should sit with Tanu for the Roka. She adds that she will perform the Roka in front of the media right away. Aaliya hinders her plan, unaware that its a trap for Tanu. She gets aggressive. Abhi worries that she may create any blunder, but Rhea takes Aaliya aside to convince her to let the plan go on. Rhea tells Aaliya that they had convinced Tanu with much difficulty, she shouldn’t stop the Roka at present, its happening for Abhi’s freedom. She tells that its a price for Abhi’s freedom from the case.

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Aaliya and Mitali also agree to join Baljeet if its concerning Abhi’s freedom and betterment. Rhea and Prachi support Pragya in the master plan to fool Tanu. Abhi agrees for the Roka after a lot of drama to show the media that its actually Tanu who is doing to marry him, after blaming him of rape. Will Tanu finally get caught in her own plan? Comment your views. Keep reading.

Full Update Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2021 Written Update:

Baljeet tells Pragya, Prachi and Rhea that she will bound Tanu by the Roka ceremony. She shares her plan and is excited to fool Tanu. She tells them that she didn’t agree for the plan before, but its Pragya who convinced her. Ranbir meets Aryan. Aryan tells them that Prachi and Rhea are his sisters, he should make sure that no guy should tease them. He wants Ranbir to be with him to support.

Ranbir tells him that Prachi and Rhea are strong and brave girls, they can save him from problems, they don’t need anyone. Aryan tells that he will end his friendship with Ranbir, who is also a wrong guy for them. Ranbir tells him that they can fight later, they have to save Abhi from Tanu. Aryan and Ranbir end their fight and hug. Abhi asks the media to give them some privacy. Tanu asks Abhi not to shoo away the media. She wants justice from Abhi. Abhi accuses her for fooling Baljeet.

Prachi and Rhea raise an objection to his marriage with Tanu. They take a stand for Pragya’s rights. Prachi asks Tanu why is she eager to marry her rapist. Tanu asks her not to get stressed about them. She wants to handle Abhi. Abhi corners Tanu to ask her if she threatened Baljeet. He tells that he had rejected her proposal before. He swears to not marry her. Tanu believes that its not a trap, since he isn’t interested to marry her. She asks him to agree for the marriage if Baljeet wishes that, he will get his freedom too.

He tells that he will never be able to love her. She tells that he will love her once they get married. Pragya stops Tanu from seeing Abhi. Rhea takes Abhi with her. Tanu asks Pragya to accept that Abhi is her family now. She didn’t know that Baljeet will convince Abhi. She doesn’t want to allow Pragya to meet Rhea. She laughs at Pragya for losing Abhi. Tanu tells Pragya that she should leave with Prachi when Abhi becomes of her/Tanu. Prachi gets happy that Pragya’s plan worked.

She is excited to watch the press conference drama. Aaliya tells that Baljeet has lost her mind. Tanu does a drama that she is getting humiliated. She threatens to leave. Baljeet threatens to commit suicide if Abhi doesn’t agree for Roka. She convinces Abhi for the Roka. She performs the Roka. Tanu tells that she is very happy that finally her wishful has happened. Baljeet tells that she wants to keep the marriage as soon as possible. Abhi acts unhappy. Baljeet thanks the media for coming. She promises Tanu that she will set the best room for Tanu. Aaliya reacts to the alliance and creates a scene. She opposes Tanu. What will happen next? Keep reading.

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  1. Shows are shifting to safe places to continue shoot rather than total lockdown like 2020, but why are they not wearing masks? I mean they show no signs of taking precaution against the covid 19 pandemic. Somewhere this should be written into storylines, we cannot just ignore the virus🙏🏾

  2. This is so is very nice 👌 Both Tanu’s acting and Abhishek Pragya are acting well. I am very happy in these no episodes. Just as soon as Tanu’s truth came out.

  3. Bring Abhi and Pragya and their daughters together we are tired of this hide and seek it has taken too long Abhi must meet her other daughter Prachi as well as Pragya her daughter Rhea and bring back Kiera family completed and thank you the sooner the better then we may watch something worth while

  4. I think that abi and pragya are not going to succeed in their plan because if they involve baljeet she will expose their plan to tanu


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