Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Written Update New Track

Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Written Update New Track

Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Written Update New Track Tejo saves Fateh from his family’s wrath. She tells the family that she is undergoing the same emotions as them, Fateh would have not thought of having an affair with someone even when he is married to her/Tejo. Fateh feels Tejo is talking of herself. Tejo tells that they can’t hide their faces and live in a forced marriage unwillingly, when its not giving happiness to anyone. Everyone knows the fact that Tejo is really big-hearted, and her decisions will be selfless as before. They show faith on Tejo, not Fateh.

Tejo takes a brave step to accept the divorce papers. She wants to keep her self-esteem. She feels responsible to keep the family prestige, which Fateh could not. She gains Khushbeer and Gurpreet’s blessings while she proceeds to end her marriage with Fateh. Tejo proves that the marriage doesn’t matter to her, since he was never meant to be her life partner, after he chose to cheat her for Jasmin. She doesn’t care if he leaves from her life, like he left from her heart. She gives him the demanded freedom. She doesn’t create any fuss as Fateh expected.

Tejo acts strong in front of the family, but her heart cries a lot while she signs the papers and gives her consent for the divorce. She feels she has lost Fateh forever. Fateh finds Tejo’s move surprising. His mind takes him on a wrong direction, that she is divorcing him to get herself freed from the marriage. He still stays mistaken that she has an affair with Buzo. Tejo and Fateh end their marriage by signing the divorce papers. Jasmin eats sweets happily to celebrate her sister’s divorce.


Tejo so wishes that Fateh realizes his huge mistake of breaking his marriage. She leaves Fateh thinking of her easy quit. Fateh feels guilty and also angry on himself. He realizes that he lost his best friend forever. Jasmin doesn’t think of his loss, and thinks just of her gains. She gets happy that Tejo is finally out of her way. She fills Fateh’s ears against Tejo. She tells him that Tejo can’t step back so easily, Tejo would be planning something surely against them. She asks Fateh to stay alert of Tejo.

Fateh doesn’t think Tejo would plan against him, when she herself accepted to sign the divorce papers. Jasmin tells him that signing the papers was a part of Tejo’s cunning drama. Jasmin instigates him against Tejo. On the other hand, the family isn’t happy with the divorce, knowing only Tejo is right for Fateh. They don’t want Fateh to ruin his life by marrying Jasmin. They decide to stop the divorce at any cost.

Elsewhere, Rupy and Satti try hard to meet Jasmin and convince her to not ruin Tejo’s marriage. They want Jasmin to leave from Fateh and Tejo’s lives. Jasmin refuses to their request. She isn’t Tejo to make any sacrifice. She tells that she will not leave Fateh even on God’s command, Tejo doesn’t mean anything to her now. Rupy loses his cool on hearing her rude remarks for her sister. He angrily slaps her. Will Jasmin step back from her madness? Will Fateh realize Jasmin’s manipulations? Do you think a new track should begin with focus on Tejo’s new life? Comment your views and keep reading.

Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Written Update New Track:

Jasmin tells Fateh that its the best gift from his side, she wants to see Tejo’s next move after this divorce. She tells him that she is super happy that he is free from Tejo now. She doesn’t want to be blamed to snatch her sister’s husband. She is glad that Fateh isn’t anyone’s husband now. Fateh is shaken up by the pain of his marriage breaking down by his own hands. He cries in loneliness, while Tejo is in equal pain. Jasmin rejoices seeing the signed divorce papers. She wants Fateh to submit the papers soon and complete the formalities.

Tejo and Fateh feel something breaking within. Gurpreet is too hurt that Fateh is also hurting her heart like Simran. Nimmo consoles her. Jasmin shares the good news with Sweety. She tells that Fateh has divorced Tejo. She dreams of her marriage with Fateh. She tells that she wants to celebrate this news. Dada ji doesn’t understand how the family has let this happen in their presence. He wished that someone stopped Tejo. The family thinks its better that they don’t stop Tejo when Fateh doesn’t want to live with them.

Jasmin wants to go shopping. She just thinks of herself. Fateh tells that so much is happening around, he won’t be able to accompany her. Khushbeer tells that Tejo’s life will be ruined if she gets the divorcee tag. He adds that Tejo has signed the papers, but the divorce didn’t happen. He thinks they still have a chance to explain Fateh that Jasmin isn’t the right girl for him. The family wants to make Fateh realize his mistake. Jasmin awaits Sweety in the market to go for shopping. Rupy and Satti meet her by Sweety’s help.

Jasmin doesn’t want to talk to them. Rupy doesn’t want to spare her. Jasmin gets rude and insults Tejo, who had cast her shadow on her happiness. Rupy asks her to leave from Fateh’s life. Jasmin doesn’t listen to them. Rupy tells that Fateh is Tejo’s husband. Jasmin tells him that Tejo planned to snatch her love, Tejo didn’t need to marry Fateh, she didn’t need to come between them. Rupy tells that the family had convinced Tejo for marriage. Jasmin asks them to undergo the punishment of their decision, if they had forced this marriage on Fateh and Tejo. She proudly boasts that Fateh just loves her.

Satti warns her against spitting poison against her sister. Jasmin asks them to take Tejo home, else she will make Tejo ousted from the Virk house. She has no fear of anyone. She tells that she wants Fateh at any cost, she doesn’t care for Tejo. Rupy rewards her with a tight slap, which she so deserves. She angrily returns home to pack Fateh’s bags to shift him from Tejo’s room to her room. She tells Tejo that she doesn’t want Fateh to see Tejo’s face. She humiliates Tejo madly.

Tejo tolerates her misbehavior to a limit, but answers her back. She tells Jasmin that she loved Fateh and Jasmin before and helped them, but she will think of her life now. Jasmin asks her not to claim the thing which doesn’t belong to her. Tejo wishes Jasmin understood the same thing.

Tejo stays a dutiful daughter of the family. Fateh and Jasmin plan an outing. Jasmin makes Tejo jealous by showing her closeness with him. She asks Fateh to tell his family not to cook for them, they will be having dinner outside. Khushbeer finds Jasmin’s cheap ways and is sure that Fateh will soon know her truth. Satinder arrives home to meet Fateh and Jasmin. He invites them in the marriage. Jasmin shamelessly tells that she enjoyed his engagement party a lot, she will surely come in the marriage. She doesn’t regard the family’s presence and hurts them. Tejo tells them that she had seen Fateh and Jasmin in Satinder’s party.

Fateh and Jasmin go for dinner with their friends, while the family feels sorry for Tejo. Tejo is upset on seeing the family upset. She feels guilty that she isn’t able to help them. She makes a plan to cheer up the family. Tejo and Mahi dance to cheer up the family. Tejo makes sure that everyone gets their smile back. Fateh feels Jasmin’s madness growing. Jasmin questions him if he is missing Tejo. Fateh tells her that Tejo never made him feel embarrassed in front of his friends. She asks if he is regretting the divorce.

He tells that he has proved that he just loves her. Jasmin tells that she wants to go back home. Fateh takes her home. He finds Tejo cheering the family and bringing happiness back. The elders try to bring Fateh back to Tejo. Fateh is happy to get his relations back. He hugs the elders happily. Jasmin’s anger gets on a rise to watch Fateh with Tejo and family.

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  1. I really believe makers should make Fateh realise his feelings for Tejo, and also know how cunning Jasmine really is…. hope he cries blood tears when he realises she is a super drama queen

  2. Actually it’s pretty late now for Fateh to go back to tejo! Even when he comes to know about simran and buzo! He started affair with jasmin a long before his doubt against buzo and tejo! He did wrong and he will have to face consequence now.


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