Anupama 25th September 2021 Written Update First flight

Anupama 25th September 2021 Written Update First flight

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Anupama 25th September 2021 Written Update First flight Anupama tries to put some sense in Vanraj and Leela’s mind. She doesn’t want them to pose problems in her work. Kinjal argues with Paritosh, who is worried that Anupama can get the family defamed. Kinjal and Samar defend Anupama. They tell that he can’t suspect Anupama. They ask him to just support Anupama. Paritosh tells them that they are living in a biased society, Vanraj cheated Anupama, but still Anupama got to hear the taunts. He loves his mum, but doesn’t want her to bring any disgrace for the family, like Vanraj did because of Kavya. He asks them to understand his warning.

Leela tells that a guy and a girl can never be friends. Anupama asks her to know about Krishna and Draupadi’s friendship, which was a pure relation. She asks Leela not to worry for her, she will not let anyone touch her against her wish. She adds that she doesn’t have any such wrong intentions in her mind. She promises Leela that she will always decide her limits, because she had never let anyone point on her character. She feels upset that the family always discourages her. She is still thankful to them. Hasmukh is supportive of Anupama.

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He knows that she has given the right answers to the family. She feels bad to answer them. She tells that she wants to go on her first trip. He asks her to stay happy. She wants Leela to happily bless her. He tells her that nobody can go out of the house to achieve something if they think of keeping entire family happy. Kavya doesn’t want Anupama to go on the trip. She tells Vanraj that Anuj will take Anupama in the business class.

Vanraj reminds that he also took her in the business class. She tells that Anupama is lucky to get the business class experience on her first flight. Anupama tells that its her childhood dream to fly in an airplane. Kinjal asks her not to think of the family and just enjoy. Anupama gets excited for her life’s first flight. She feels lucky to get a big chance, all thanks to Anuj. Vanraj doesn’t understand his emotions. He thinks why is he jealous of Anuj, why is he bothered for Anupama when he loves Kavya.

He doesn’t care if Anupama goes with Anuj. Hasmukh asks Anupama to get habitual to the flights. Anupama sends a thank you message to Anuj. Anuj asks her to reach the airport on time. He waits to see her. Anupama waits to fulfill her big dreams. Anuj calls up Anupama and tells her that she missed the flight. Anupama worriedly wakes up from her dream. She wants to take her first flight towards her dreams. Anuj expands Anupama’s world. Anupama gets happy seeing the airplane from the inside. Vanraj stays upset thinking that Anupama would be with Anuj. Anuj likes Anupama’s innocence. He takes care of her on the flight.

Kavya finds Vanraj disturbed because of Anuj. She asks Vanraj what is bothering him, why isn’t his relation not breaking off completely with Anupama even when they got divorced. Vanraj doesn’t have the answers himself. He doesn’t understand why is he getting so possessive about Anupama when he never loved her.

Anupama 25th September 2021 Written Update First flight:

Anupama makes prayers before she leaves. She tells Kinjal that she has prepared the food and did all the work. She gets good wishes from everyone. Vanraj too wishes Anupama. She is thankful that he should have wished her from his heart. Anupama shows courage to cross her journey alone. Leela is still upset. Kavya taunts Anupama, but the latter doesn’t care now. Anupama tells that she will really have fun on her trip. Kinjal and Samar love Anupama a lot. They support Anupama and assure that they will take care of the family. Anuj is anxious to reach the airport and meet Anupama.

Leela tells Hasmukh that Anupama will get her curse if she hurts her heart. Anuj’s car breaks down. He tries to book a cab and reach the airport. He doesn’t want Anupama to reach there first and get confused. Anuj doesn’t wait for the cab and crosses the journey by running. Anupama finds Anuj running on the road. She wonders why is he running like this. She stops Anuj and offers him lift in the auto she hired. It becomes a hilarious filmi moment for Anuj, which he didn’t expect. He likes the way Anupama comes to his rescue.

Anuj is grateful that she has come to help. She asks him if he comes running to the office as well to stay fit. She tells that he is so fit because of his running activity. She tells that she can’t run with him, he can come running while she comes in the autorickshaw. Anuj tells that when they met now, then he can take the lift from her. He likes her innocence. They share a laugh. Anuj likes her smile. She thanks him for making her fly in the airplane for the first time in her life. Anuj adores her secretly.

Leela gets upset that Anupama will bring disgrace for the family when a neighbor asks for Anupama who has been seen at the airport. Hasmukh asks Leela not to drag the matter, and support Anupama. Anuj and Anupama reach the airport. Samar informs the family that Anupama reached the airport, she had slipped down but she didn’t get hurt. Vanraj cracks a joke on Anupama. Anupama compliments the air hostess. She tells Anuj that she is seeing the airplane for the first time. Anuj guides her towards the window seat. She tells him that Kinjal told him about the business class expenses.

Anuj tells that Kinjal is right, they will sit together if their journey and destination is same. She asks him not to waste money if he is rich. Hasmukh and Samar realize that Vanraj wants to get happy for Anupama, but his ego isn’t letting him do so. Hasmukh tells that Vanraj’s ego is hurt when Anupama is trying to gain everything on her own. He knows Vanraj’s conflict with his ego and heart.

He wishes Vanraj gets a clean heart. Anuj and Anupama spend time on the flight. Anupama shares her childhood dream with Anuj. She is glad. Anuj defends her when a person makes fun of her. He makes the person apologize. Anupama realizes that many are aware of Anuj’s identity. Anuj feels he didn’t get what we wished for. Kavya asks Vanraj not to stay connected with Anupama after the divorce. Vanraj has no answers. He feels an attachment towards Anupama.

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