Barrister Babu 29th September 2021 Written Update New task

Barrister Babu 29th September 2021 Written Update New task

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Barrister Babu 29th September 2021 Written Update Bondita’s tough task Bondita goes in the disguise of Chandrachur in front of Tapur to get the truth out from her. Tapur reveals that Anirudh is silent just to save her dignity. Bondita is relieved and assures Tapur that she doesn’t have to give up her life now. Bondita reveals herself and calms down Tapur. Tapur tells Bondita that Chandrachur is a very bad person and has done wrong to her. Tapur reveals the incident to Bondita when Chandrachur assaulted her in order to stop her from revealing his evil intentions.

Bondita asks for an apology from Tapur for coming in disguise of Chandrachur and bringing back her bad memories. Bondita is hurt because Tapur had to go through it again only because she wanted to know the truth. Bondita assures Tapur that she doesn’t have to feel scared because Chandrachur has got his punishment. Tapur reveals that Anirudh is innocent and took the blame on him to save her dignity.

Thakumaa enters the room and reveals that she knew the entire truth but stopped Tapur so that her future will not be ruined. Thakumaa says that Anirudh understood the condition of a woman in a male-dominated society, therefore, chose to remain silent on it. Thakumaa begs Bondita to save her sister’s life from getting destroyed. Bondita visits Anirudh in the jail and asks him to put a sindoor on her forehead. She feels proud about her Pati babu for being such a great human being. Anirudh is shocked that Bondita knows the truth.

Bondita is angry with Anirudh because he succumbed to the situation instead of fighting against the wrong when he was the one who taught her to always choose the path of truth. Anirudh reveals that it is entirely Tapur’s choice to reveal her truth to society as he cannot force his principles and values on her. Anirudh says Bondita that there is no use in shouting for justice or revealing the truth as the culprit is now dead.

Bondita promises Anirudh that she will ignite the fire of courage in every girl just like he did in her so that no girl will fear to face society. She pledges to make Tapur strong enough to reveal the face of her wrongdoer. Anirudh is happy to see Bondita’s determination and struggle to save him from getting hanged.

In the court, Bondita’s opposition lawyer speaks on her character being bad as she is trying to get the case in her favor by showcasing her aura to the judge. Bondita gets back on barrister Subodh Chatterjee by giving the taste of his own medicine. She lectures him about being weak and narrow-minded to question her character. Bondita says that a person having a sick mentality like him is easy to defeat and scare.

She warns Subodh Chatterjee that he doesn’t have that kind of reputation and right to attack any woman’s character. She feels that her opposition lawyer is so incapable that he had to claim her dignity. Bondita advises him to clean his heart about gender inequality for the next time he fights with her. Bondita threatens barrister Subodh Chatterjee to mend his ways or else he will not be able to show his face to either a woman or a man. Its a new and challenging task for Bondita to protect a girl’s dignity while proving Anirudh innocent. Will Bondita be able to save her Pati babu’s life along with Tapur’s dignity? Keep reading.

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