Udaariyaan 30th September 2021 Written Update Divorce finale

Udaariyaan 30th September 2021 Written Update Divorce finale

Udaariyaan 30th September 2021 Written Update Divorce finale Jasmin doesn’t care for Gurpreet also, when Fateh and Amrik tell how unwell Gurpreet is. Fateh wants to go home and meet his mother. Jasmin turns selfish again to take away Fateh from Tejo. She tells that they will stay at Sweety’s place, instead wandering here and there. Fateh doesn’t want to go anywhere, except his home, where his mother is anxiously waiting for him. Jasmin doesn’t know if Tejo has influenced Fateh.

Amrik asks Jasmin to let Fateh come home with them. Jasmin sternly refuses to send Fateh. She just remembers the insult than the emotions. She tells that she was insulted in the Virk house. She demands a wife’s status in Fateh’s life. Fateh doesn’t let Jasmin go away with her friend. He declares that Tejo is giving him the divorce. He tells that Tejo won’t be his wife from now. He wants to marry Jasmin and stay with her in his family. Tejo takes the big responsibility of convincing Khushbeer.

She wants to lie that she is moving on in her life, when the truth is that she is making a sacrifice for Fateh once again. Jasmin is relieved that Tejo will be finally out of his life. Tejo has to keep her promise to Gurpreet. She takes Fareh home and unites him with his mother. She fulfills her promise. Khushbeer and Gurpreet knew that only Tejo can bring back Fateh, but they don’t know about her promise to Fateh.


Tejo struggles to convince Khushbeer that its time she leaves from their lives and frees Fateh completely from her burden. She wants Fateh to stay happy. Khushbeer gets emotional when Tejo tells that she is ready to leave the house by ending all ties with them, by divorcing Fateh. The Virk family sinks in sorrow with Tejo’s divorce decision. Tejo and Fateh sign the divorce papers. They are equally sad, while Jasmin is the only one rejoicing. Fateh also feels the same pain of losing a relation. Khushbeer takes Tejo with him to drop her at her parents’ house. Will Jasmin’s dreams take a flight or break down? Will Fateh realize his mistake? Keep reading.

Udaariyaan 30th September 2021 Written Update Divorce finale:

Tejo brings Fateh home. The family gets too happy seeing Fateh back. Gurpreet hugs Fateh and cares for him. Khushbeer tells Fateh that Jasmin will show him worse days. Tejo breaks down. Tejo goes to contact a lawyer. Fateh misses of Tejo. He recalls the moments spent with her. Tejo and Fateh still have something that connects them. They both reach the terrace when they feel hurt. She asks him to have the noodles.

She knows he is feeling hungry. He wants to know why she still cares for him. She wants him to understand that she really loves him. She tells that they were best friends before, maybe they aren’t friends now, they aren’t husband and wife now. She tells that they can have the food together for the last time, she will free him tomorrow from the false relation and also free herself. She adds that she will sign the divorce papers, along with him, he can enjoy his new life with all the freedom he wants.

Jasmin gets delighted to know that Tejo has called the lawyer home. She asks Tejo to meet him. Tejo tells that she is finishing some important work. Jasmin asks her to leave the important work and sign the divorce papers first. She insists Tejo to sign the papers first. Tejo goes to sign the papers. Lawyer tells them that Tejo wants the divorce to happen soon, the case will be fast track, they will soon get divorced in one hearing. Tejo apologizes to Khushbeer.

She adds that she wants to make the family away from every sorrow and problem. She asks him to believe her decision. He wants her to think once again. He tells her that he knows the reason behind her decision, she wants to see Fateh and Jasmin happy, she is leaving the house so that they stay in the house. He wishes that Fateh knew her worth. He feels sorry that he couldn’t give her anything, but he blesses her. She tells that she is already blessed to have him and the entire family. Khushbeer hugs her sadly.

Fateh and Tejo have the same pain in their hearts, and recall their marriage. Jasmin happily hugs Fateh and wishes for his freedom. Tejo gives strength to the family while going away from them. She tells them that she will stay happy. Jasmin shamelessly prepares Fateh for the divorce hearing. Khushbeer dislikes her. He doesn’t want Fateh to tell about his affair in the court. Fateh goes with Jasmin to the court, while Khushbeer takes Tejo with him. Will Fateh and Tejo get divorced? Stay tuned.

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  1. Tejo Fateh jeise cheap cheater husband ko kab ka chod dena chahiye or nayi zindagi jina chahiye….Tejo Fateh keliy or uska family keliye kitni sacrifice ki fir v use hamesha Fateh ke taraf se dhoka mila… jashmin itni selfish he…apni hi sister ko cheat karke apni jija ke sath romance ki but suffer hamesha Tejo hi ki…ye makers kavi Tejo keliy acha nehi sochte…. disgusting

  2. Glti fateh ki hi h jo ladki use mandap m chod kr chli gyi thi usi ldki ke sath dobara relationship m aa gya very disappointed


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