Barrister Babu Bondita Kaali Promo 6th October 2021

Barrister Babu Bondita Kaali Promo 6th October 2021

Barrister Babu Bondita Kaali Promo 6th October 2021 Bondita doesn’t want anything to go wrong during the case hearing. Bondita asks Tapur to get ready on time and accompany her to the court. She asks Tapur to keep this a secret, nobody should know about them going to the court. She wants Tapur to tell the truth in the court and prove Anirudh innocent. Tapur promises her that she will give the testimony in Anirudh’s favor and prove him innocent. She tells that she will not break her promise. She also wants to support Anirudh and save Bondita’s happiness.

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Bondita brings Tapur to the court, and declares that she will be proving Anirudh innocent by presenting the evidence. She appears very confident. She calls the witness to give a statement in Anirudh’s favor and prove that whatever he did was in defense of a crime. She tells that the truth will prove why Anirudh was silent till now. She calls Tapur there along with few girls, all dressed up the same way and covering their faces behind the veil.


Ahead in the show, Anirudh is still accused for murdering Chandrachur, who is proved a criminal in the court. Bondita finds Chandrachur hiding in a temple taking a saint’s disguise.

The big truth comes out in front of Bondita. Chandrachur is shocked to see her. She learns that Chandrachur is alive. She tells Chandrachur that she is Anirudh’s shield, she has taken Durga Maa’s Kaali avatar to prove Anirudh’s innocent and punish Chandrachur for his every sin. Bondita will end Chandrachur’s evil on the eve of Durga puja. Catch the episode live on 6th October, 2021. Watch the latest promo below and comment your opinions. Keep reading.

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