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Imlie 30th September 2021 Spoiler Update Jealous Malini Aparna gets soft towards Imlie, Malini gets jealous Tripathi sends away the goons with the police. Aparna ask Aditya if he is fine. He replies yes. Imlie asks Aparna if she is fine too. Pankaj thanks God that Imlie is fine. Aparna and Imlie sees each other emotionally. Rupi di says they were worried for her and she saved them. Imlie’s Nani too praises her. Imlie comforts her mother. Malini gets shocked seeing Police in Tripathi house. She asks if everything is fine. Is he and other family members are fine? She too asks about Imlie and shows fake concern for the latter.

Imlie says to Malini that her belief came out to be true. Malini gets shocked seeing Imlie at Tripathi house. Imlie tells her that she returned. They look at each other with passion. Malini shows fake concern and says that thank God Imlie is fine. Rupi interrupts her and says that they should light diyas and thank God. Aparna agrees and everyone leaves. Aditya ask Imlie to not wander here and there and tell her to eat something.

As Aditya leaves, Imlie hugs Malini and taunts her saying that her face dropped in her tension. She says to Malini that she was showing concern for her in front of Aditya. Imlie asks Malini to give her thanks to Anu. Malini asks the reason for it. Imlie tells that only because of Anu she sat in the aeroplane for the first time. Malini asks Imlie how she got to know. Imlie replies she just said it but Malini confirmed her doubt now. She thanks Malini for confirming her doubt. Imlie challenges Malini that she will reach heights one day.

Malini bails out Anu. Anu gets angry on knowing that Imlie returned home safely even after all her evil plans. Angrily she says that she had to spent three days in prison because of her. Malini apologizes to Anu saying that she had to take her blame on herself. Anu ask Malini to be positive and not think bad. Malini tells Anu, that since Imlie agreed to let her live in Tripathi house, Aditya only listens to her. They discuss that they tried everything to separate Aditya and Imlie but failed. Anu ask Malini to use her pregnancy. She tells her that in the past she used her pregnancy to stop Dev from going to Pagdandiya.

This surprises Malini. Anu tells Malini that men can separate from her wife but not his child. She advice Malini to use her unborn child/pregnancy to bring Aditya close to her. She assures Malini that if she follows her advice, Aditya will have no choice other than to leave Imlie. Aparna stops Imlie for leaving from Kitchen. She thanks her for helping them. She tells her that she suffered a lot even then she helped them. Aparna further thanks for letting Malini stay and for thinking about family and the unborn baby of Aditya.

Imlie’s Nani says to Aparna that did she thought about Imlie’s feelings. Did she ever thought how Imlie is feeling seeing her husband’s child in another woman’s womb? She also scolds Imlie for thinking about other people forgetting herself. She tells Imlie’s her rights as Aditya’s wife. Nani also tells Imlie about importance of becoming a wife and mother. She scolds her for giving her rights to Malini and tells her that Aditya will not need her in her life soon.

Imlie replies to her Nani saying, that Aditya gave her all rights of being his life partner. She tells her that he will never leave her support. Imlie request to God to give her the courage to support Aditya. Next morning, Imlie rises in her bed and talks to God. She remembers how she got rusticated from her college. She feels sad thinking that she cannot go to college and study now. Imlie cheers herself and starts studying Photosynthesis. Aditya comes to her and correct her pronunciation.

Imlie tries to ignore him. Aditya tries to apologize to her. She asks him for which mistake is he apologizing. Imlie ask him to stop apologizing and try to understand her. He asks her what does she want him to understand. She tells him to believe on her always. Imlie further ask him to believe whatever she said about Malini was true. She asks him to believe that Malini has changes and is trying to manipulate and trap him. She asks him, will he able to believe her. Imlie lose her hope in making Aditya believe the truth.

Aditya tells her that he deleted his and Malini’s video because he thought about the unborn child. He asks her to not affect her studies because of him. Imlie says to Aditya if he would have thought about her studies, then he would have supported the truth in the court. She also says that she would have not been rusticated from college if he supported her. She leaves in anger.

Next, Aditya goes to Malini’s room and ask her to wake up for breakfast. Malini wakes up and realizes it was her dream. She sees Imlie’s Nani waking her up and tells her that she wants her baby to see Aditya’s face first in the morning. Malini’s gets irritated with Nani’s talks. Nani puts Tripathi family’s pictures in her room. She removes Malini and Aditya’s pictures and put Imlie and Aditya’s frame on the wall. She calls Imlie, Choti maa of Malini’s unborn baby. Malini gets angry and ask Nani to leave.

At the breakfast table, Aparna asks Malini to take care of herself and eat good and healthy food. Pankaj tells Imlie that Kunal sent a notice to her college that they cannot oust Imlie from her college. Aditya messages Kunal to thank him. Imlie gets happy knowing that her principal is calling her back to college. Malini gets shocked hearing the Principal apologizing and calling Imlie back.

Everyone congratulates Imlie for participating in Inter-college Hindi debate competition. Aparna surprises everyone by asking Sundar to pack lunch for Imlie too. Nishant explains Nani what is debate. Imlie still ignores Aditya and refuses his help. Aditya tries to compose Imlie and ask her to bring trophy on her return. Malini feels jealous and thinks to get advice from Anu. Anu will taunt Meethi about Malini winning and Imlie’s defeat. She will forcibly feed sweets to Meethi. Dev will see this and shout Anu. Keep reading.

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