Imlie 5th October 2021 Written Update Malini’s new plan

Imlie 21st October 2021 Written Update Malini chides Imlie

Imlie 5th October 2021 Written Update Malini’s new plan Dev and Anu welcome Malini and Tripathi family into their home as well as pooja. Anu pretends to be thankful to tripathi’s for coming for Pooja at her house even after what she did with Aditya. Harish says that they came just thinking that; a to-be maternal grandmother kept pooja for the baby. Anu asks Harish to not call her nani as it sounds tacky. She further says that she is still thinking about what the baby will call her. Rupi asks her to decide quickly otherwise the baby may also call her Mrs.Chaturvedi whole life. Harish shuts her. Nakli nani makes a joke and says Anu and she are the same now (Nani’s).

Nakli nani irritates Anu calling her Nani. Anu angrily asks her not to call her Nani. Nani continues irritating Anu. Aparna asks Anu what type of pooja she kept suddenly. Malini and Anu get tense. Anu says that she kept Kuldevata Pooja, so that no problem occurs in pregnancy. Dev asks Anu she didn’t keep any Pooja when she was pregnant with Malini. Anu taunts Dev that he was busy wandering around villages for his work.

Aditya asks them to start the pooja. Malini thanks Anu for helping her stop Aditya and Imlie’s date. Imlie overhear them and gets shocked. Anu asks Tripathi to have something till Panditji arrives. Rupi says they eat if she hasn’t mixed anything in their food this time. Anu calls Meethi as a maid and asks her to serve whatever she has made. Imlie and everyone gets shocked seeing Meethi as a maid. Meethi serves the food. Aditya asks Anu what she is doing. Anu asks everyone why they are so surprised? She also tells everyone that she needed a maid and Meethi was in need of a job. She says that she is paying Meethi 5,000rs a month.


Aditya asks Anu if she is being evil even after returning from prison. Anu says she already apologized for that. Aditya gets angry at Anu for apologizing. Anu says she gave Meethi a job to help her survive as the latter’s husband is a criminal and can’t take care of her. Meethi asks Aditya to be calm and not worry. She says that no work is small. Meethi says she doesn’t care about people’s opinion.Anu orders Meethi to do her work. Imlie, Sundar, Rupi, and Nishant say they will help Meethi. Dev and Nakli Nani go to help Meethi.

Aditya stands up to help Meethi, Malini tries to stop him but he refuses to listen to her. Aparna asks Aditya to sit back. He says he doesn’t want to create a scene in a child’s pooja ceremony. He further says, they are doing wrong with Meethi. Rupi, Nishant, Imlie, Nakli Nani, Sundar and Dev serve the food on table. Dev says to test the food. He asks Anu to taste and tell how the food is. Nakli Nani forcibly feeds Anu when she says that she is on diet. She then feeds herself making others laugh.

Pooja starts, Panditji asks everyone to give blessings to the upcoming baby. Panditji asks husband and wife to take their seats. Rupi asks Imlie to go and sit with Aditya. Imlie tells Rupi about Anu and Malini’s evil plan. Rupi asks Imlie to tell everyone about it Imlie says no one will believe her. She says she will pray that the upcoming baby will not be evil like Anu and Malini. Anu makes Aditya and Malini sit together for the pooja. Aditya tells Panditji that he is the father of the child but not Malini’s husband. Panditji gets shocked.

Malini recalls what the doctor advised her. Nishant tells Aditya that he prepared what all he asked him to. Aditya in a low voice asks him to bring her to that place anyhow. Malini overhears them and asks Aditya about it. According to her plan Anu asks Panditji to stretch the pooja as long as he can. Pandit ji asks Nishant to put the chunri on to-be parents. Meethi asks Nakli Nani what type of ritual it is. Panditji asks Aditya and Malini to do the tap and not stop in between. Imlie feels emotional and ask God what is happening. She further thinks if she and Aditya are meant for each other. Aditya too thinks about his fate. He asks God to give him a hint.

Anu tries hurting Imlie more and taunts her. She says to her that Aditya and Malini are together again, while she and Meethi cannot do anything. Imlie stops her from saying anything about Meethi. Anu says Malini and Aditya will be together forever and she will be alone. Imlie wishes God give her some brain. She thinks of teaching a lesson to Anu. In the next episode, Imlie with Nishant and Sundar’s help will scare Anu making her believe that she cannot be seen in camera and mirrors after the mantra Imlie put on her.

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  1. Stop making Malini a villain in.the effort to make imlie superwoman.Actualy Malini is the victim.Now even imliesmother has camped in.her.moms house inspite of having her own husband My rating is 0.5/5


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