Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2021 Written Update Rishabh arrested

Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2021 Written Update Rishabh arrested

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Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2021 Written Update Rishabh arrested Rishabh gets arrested by the police. He calms down Karan from arguing with the Inspector. Rishabh tells that he didn’t commit any accident, he didn’t even meet the ex-vendor Sandeep since a year. He doesn’t know why is Sandeep blaming him for the accident. He realizes that Sandeep is taking revenge on him. Karan throws the handcuffs away to stop the police from arresting Rishabh. Karan and Rakhi argue with the Inspector. Rishabh calms down the family. He asks Karan and Sameer to look after the family in his absence. Rishabh goes away with the police, while Mahesh faints down.

Mahesh can’t tolerate the sight of Rishabh’s arrest. He knows how good and responsible his son is. Karan gets too furious. He tells that he will go after Rishabh and try to arrange help. Mahesh asks Preeta to stop Karan from making any mistake in anger. Karan reaches the hospital to meet Sandeep. Preeta follows Karan to stop him. Prithvi is already in Sandeep’s ward. He offers him 20 lakhs to thank him for working out the plan against Rishabh. He is thankful that Sandeep for the timely rescue.

Prithvi has played this game to send Rishabh away from the family and get Sherlyn and his truth concealed. Preeta and Karan also meet Sandeep, and offer him a bigger amount to make him tell the truth. Sandeep thinks to accept Preeta’s offer. Sandeep changes his mind. Prithvi overhears their conversation. He realizes that Sandeep is going to double cross him. He threatens Sandeep that he will kill him if the latter brings out the truth and proves Rishabh innocent. He asks Sandeep to trap Rishabh furthermore.

Sandeep refuses to help Preeta. Shrishti and Preeta reach the Luthra house and give the bad news to the family that Sandeep didn’t accept the offer. Prithvi keeps an eye on Preeta, knowing she has turning smarter these days. He knows Preeta will do anything to prove Rishabh innocent. Preeta finds Karan growing too worried. She assures Karan that she will do her best in saving Rishabh from the fraud case. She adds that she will get Rishabh bailed out. Karan believes her. He wants his brother home. Karan and Preeta have a moment.

Later, Sarla learns about Rishabh’s arrest. She visits him in the jail and shows faith on him. She motivates him to keep hopes until the truth comes out. How will Rishabh prove his innocence? Will he get back home and expose Sherlyn and Prithvi’s extra-marital affair? How long will this arrest chapter drag? Comment your views if the tracks interests you. Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2021 Written Update Rishabh arrested:

Preeta takes care of Mahesh when he falls dizzy. Rakhi and the entire family sink in sorrow. Karan tells Preeta that he can’t sit quiet, he will help Rishabh. She tells that its no use to go to the police station, they will go to the hospital and meet Sandeep. She has a plan on her mind. Karan asks Preeta what will she do. She doesn’t want him to do anything in anger, they have come to politely talk to Sandeep and request him to take the case back. He tells that they will first see him and then decide. She asks him not to double the trouble. She stops him.

Karan asks her not to romance him and stop him. She tells that she has other ways to stop him, she pulled him to save him from the police. She tells that she will go and meet Sandeep by taking a doctor’s disguise. She asks Karan to stay away, she will wear the doctor’s coat and show her medical license. He tells that he will handle things outside. Prithvi applies the same idea and takes a doctor’s disguise to meet Sandeep. Constable stops him. Prithvi lies to fool the constable. He gets an entry. Karan gets Sameer’s call. He learns about Mahesh’s state. He goes home to see Mahesh.

Kundali Bhagya 13th October 2021 Written Update Truth hurts

Preeta tells the constable that she is treating Sandeep. Constable tells that a doctor just went inside to see him. Prithvi meets Sandeep and reminds their deal. He asks Sandeep to just do as he tells him. He asks Sandeep to do his work. Prithvi hides on hearing someone come. He hides and realizes that its Preeta. Preeta meets Sandeep and asks him about his condition. Sandeep hides about Prithvi. She tells him the truth about her identity. She adds that Sandeep has filed a case on her brother-in-law Rishabh. He asks her to leave. She tells that he is really mistaken about Rishabh, who is innocent. She tells that the accident might have happened by mistake. Sandeep tells that Rishabh did this to avoid the payments.

She offers him 50 lakhs. Sandeep thinks of the offer. Prithvi doesn’t have much money to offer Sandeep. Preeta calls Karan and informs him about the offer. She tells that Sandeep can quietly take the complaint back. He gets glad. She tells that Sandeep didn’t tell his decision yet. Shrishti meets Preeta at the hospital. Prithvi threatens to kill Sandeep if he dares to accept Preeta’s offer. Preeta tells Shrishti that Sandeep is a greedy man, he has done everything for the sake of money.

Preeta goes back to Sandeep to know his decision. He refuses to Preeta’s offer. He tells that he will get Rishabh punished and get justice. Preeta is shocked by his decision. The family cares for Mahesh. They are much worried for Rishabh. Karan shows faith on Preeta, who will handle everything. Sherlyn is informed by Prithvi that their secret is safe, Rishabh will land in jail for a long time.

She knows that Preeta can’t save Rishabh. She begins her drama when Preeta comes home. Preeta doesn’t want to give them false hopes. Sherlyn asks Preeta to get Rishabh home. Shrishti asks Sherlyn why is she behaving like Preeta has sent Rishabh to the jail. Sherlyn apologizes to them. Preeta looks after the family and gives hope that Rishabh will be back soon. Keep reading.

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7 responses to “Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2021 Written Update Rishabh arrested”

  1. Abhi Avatar

    inceperter that risbhah he didn’t do anything for you inceperter please try to understand that inceperter you don’t make upest for karan he gets upest so fast because of you inceperter you don’t arrest risbhah please leave now itself
    karan this sherlyn she called the police I know that hunderd persent karan this prithiv malthore he called the police hundred percent I know that so please karan you can do it.
    karthika you don’t worry risbhah he will come really.
    inceperter that sandeep he is telling lies i know that so please inceperter I hope you that sandeep please you don’t talk like that to risbhah please you don’t say please change your topic.

  2. Dav Avatar

    Senseless and mentality shows both kkb and kdb villins never get exposed just keep on dragging it with stupidty other india telenovela series have watched villins do plot against their enemy and they are allways exposed they do not take years and years before they are finally exposed what are they try to teach viewrs bad win allways in life and good suffers senseless and mentality show in the other show kkb a 34 and 27 year woman mugdha chaphekar(prachi) and pooja banerjee(rhea) calling a 32 and 42 year old woman and man mother and father sriti jha and shabir ahluwalia senseless opinion of think

  3. Hanan Avatar


  4. Anushka Avatar

    Guys there is a bad news after manasi (who does the role of sonakshi ) deeraj Doopar have caught a dengue, GET WELL SOON MANASI AND DEERAJ DOOPAR

  5. Anushka Avatar

    I was waiting for Karan’s and preetha’s wedding anniversary but seems it will be ruined due to rishab’s arrest and DEERAJ DOOPAR is at rest due to dengue, i wish to prove rishab’s innocence and deeraj Doopar to get well soon, GET WELL SOON DEERAJ SIR AND MANASI, MAY BAGVAN PROTECT YOU BOTH

  6. Chetralekha Singh Avatar
    Chetralekha Singh

    Too long this Sherlyn and Prithivi story. Get Rishab out to expose them while Prithivi is caught off guard that Rishab is out.

  7. Bibi jaisingh Avatar
    Bibi jaisingh

    Why show viewers that evil win.When will you realise and understand thst this series is going in circle.Now rishab know about sheryln and prithiv affairs and boom he in jail.Other series shows that the evil lost and good win.Come on author do something positive.It look like mahesh will fall sick or go in coma again.Let happy time roll for the luthra.

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