Imlie 19th October 2021 Written Update Imlie’s new task

Imlie 25th October 2021 Written Update Miracle for Imlie

Imlie 19th October 2021 Written Update Imlie’s new task Harish asks Pranav to leave their house as everyone hates him here. Pranav gets a call and gets tense. Imlie sees his tension. On the other side, Aparna and Radha try to comfort crying Rupi. They ask her to stop crying. Rupi asks what is Pranav doing in their house? What does he want to say to her? She asks what is the reason for his return after such a long time? Pranav is seen talking to the minister on the call, who asks him if he got proof against him from Tripathi house? This is the same minister on whom Aditya conducted a sting operation and collected proof against him. Minister further tells Pranav that he sent him to Tripathi house because he is their relative.

A flashback is seen where the minister asked to get the proofs Aditya collected/recorded against him. Pranav says Aditya has kept all the data/recording in a pendrive and where he hid it. He recalls seeing Imlie hiding the pendrive behind Devi Maa’s idol. Pranav tells the Minister that he was about to steal the pendrive when a problem occurred. He recalls that he failed to steal the pendrive as Malini and Aditya came there. Minister says he has less time and he wants the pendrive till night. He says that he hates waiting. Pranav tells that he is taking time as his relationship broke a long time ago. He says once he wins Tripathi’s trust then he will easily and in less time complete his work.

Radha advises Rupi to forgive Pranav as she remains unhappy and lonely without him. Rupi gets shocked hearing it. She asks Radha if she wants her to make amends with Pranav and return with him to his house? Radha asks Rupi to think about it. Rupi asks Aparna if she also wants her to do the same? Aparna replies that she thought she can differentiate between evil and good but seeing past events, she doesn’t know who is right and who is wrong. She further says to Rupi that she fears taking any decision now. Aparna advises Rupi to make a decision after thinking about what she wants. She assures Rupi that she will support her in whatever she decides.


Pranav assures the minister that he will get him the pendrive till night. He also says let’s see how Aditya publishes something against him. Both of them disconnect the call. Pranav recalls how he tried stealing the pendrive and then lit the fire in the decoration curtains. He thinks he has less time and it’s important for him. From behind Imlie asks what is so important for him? He gets scared and thinks if Imlie heard his full conversation with minister? Imlie again asks him what is so important for him. Pranav Rupi is very important to him. Imlie gives him the prasad and asks him to leave. She tells him he lost all his rights on Rupi and her forgiveness.

Pranav thinks Imlie talks too much. He thinks about talking to the elders of the house. He goes inside the house. Imlie think how can he roam freely in Tripathi house after making Rupi cry a lot? Pranav is seen talking to Harish. Harish says he said everything when he replaced his daughter with another woman. He says he doesn’t want to listen to anything from him now. Pranav requests him to let him meet Rupi once. Harish asks him to not call him papa. Malini asks Harish to give Pranav one chance. Imlie says Rupi too requested Pranav the same in the past but Pranav left her.

Malini defends Pranav and says Pranav may have realized his mistake in this long time. She says Pranav should be given one chance. Imlie says a relationship not only grows with time, it is needed to be enriched with love and trust. She further explains that a relationship also needs to be protected from any storm and difficulties. Imlie also explains that Pranav does respect Rupi and never tried to stop his relationship from getting ruined. Malini says to Imlie that only husband and wife knows what is between them. She further says Pranav and Rupi are not even divorced till now.

Aditya asks Malini to understand what Imlie wants to say. He explains that a relationship cannot work only if it is on papers. He also explains that marriage is a relationship of love not just name. Aditya says how Parnav’s woke up for Rupi after such a long time? Malini asks Aditya to let Rupi and Pranav decide. Imlie asks Rupi to ask Pranav to leave. Pranav tries apologizing to Rupi and asks her to believe her for the last time. Rupi says she wants to trust Pranav for one last time. This shocks everyone. Aditya asks Rupi to think once more before making any decision. Rupi replies that she thought a lot and made the decision to give one last chance to Pranav.

Radha gets happy with Rupi’s decision of reuniting with Pranav. She thanks Devi Maa for reuniting Rupi with Pranav. Imlie asks if she is in a hurry to rejoin the relationship or trust. Rupi says she thought she would understand her without her saying. Imlie apologizes to Rupi. Rupi explains that Husband-Wife’s love doesn’t become less by broken trust. She asks Imlie to pray to God that her trust doesn’t break again. Imlie wishes Rupi “All the best”. Radha does Rupi and Pranav’s aarti.

Malini follows Imlie and tries to scare her by explaining that old relations don’t break easily. Imlie says to be happy a person needs to break the shackles. Next morning, Harish explains to Imlie how to fold the clothes. He jokes with her. Imlie shows him how to correctly fold clothes. Imlie requests Harish to teach her again, otherwise she would fail. Harish gets up and ask Imlie to come for maths class in drawing room at 5:30 am. In a joking way, he warns her not to be late. Imlie gets happy and smiles. Imlie sees color on her navratri outfit dupatta. She recalls how Pranav pushed her and touched her dupatta.

Imlie goes to wash it. On the other side, Pranav is seen in the kitchen trying to remove Devi Maa’s idol’s orange paint/color from his hands. Pranav tries to find kerosene oil to remove the color. He gets some oil and wash his hands with it. He thinks people may doubt him seeing the idol paint on his hands. Imlie gets shocked to see something. Malini on the other side informs Anu that Rupi forgave Pranav. Anu advises Malini to use Pranav as a pawn for her benefit to defeat Imlie. She advises Malini to send Rupi with Pranav. She further explains to Malini that this way Imlie’s biggest supporter Rupi will not be available to support her and she can get Aditya back easily.

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In the next episode, Imlie will tell Aditya that she is scared as Pranav doesn’t look like a good man. She will ask Aditya why did Rupi forgive Pranav after getting badly cheated by him. Imlie will say that she will not let Pranav cheat Rupi again and break her trust. Aditya will ask Imlie what she will do then? What will Imlie do now? Keep reading.

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