Barrister Babu 25th October 2021 Preview Update Mallika’s entry

Barrister Babu 25th October 2021 Preview Update Mallika's entry

Barrister Babu 25th October 2021 Preview Update Mallika’s entry Batuk switches between his psychotic behavior and normalcy when he acts as Anirudh in front of Bondita. He hates Bondita a lot, but his hatred falls short in front of his love for Anirudh’s baby. Batuk plans to break down Bondita by targeting her weakness. He knows that Bondita love her family a lot, and is much concerned for Tapur’s future. He targets Tapur by proposing Somnath and Tapur’s marriage alliance. Bondita gets suspicious of his behavior, but he cleverly comes up with a way to end her growing suspicion.

Batuk asks Trilochan to prepare for Somnath and Tapur’s Ashirwad rasam. He decides to create a huge drama in the rasam, that makes Bondita drift apart from her own relations. He plans to spoil Bondita and Tapur’s terms. Bondita doesn’t believe that Somnath has read the letter well, since Somnath didn’t discuss anything with Tapur post that. She wants to find out the truth. Later, Batuk discusses the function’s arrangements with the family. Bondita is happy for Tapur, who has fallen in love with Somnath. Mallika enters the Roy Choudhary house.

Mallika makes a stormy entry and hugs Batuk, leaving Bondita, Trilochan and others shocked. Bondita questions Mallika about her identity and relation with her husband Anirudh. She asks by what right and relation is she hugging Anirudh. Mallika replies with an introduction that she is Batuk’s girlfriend Mallika. Trilochan wasn’t aware of this. He also gets speechless. Bondita is left shocked when Mallika calls him Batuk. Bondita and the entire family have no idea that Batuk looks exactly the same as Anirudh.


She doesn’t think much that Mallika called herself his lover, but ponders on the fact that she called Anirudh as Batuk. Bondita gets suspicious. She thinks to find out about Batuk. Batuk and Trilochan come up with a story to cover the truth. Batuk refuses to know Mallika. Will Bondita get smarter like before and find out Batuk’s big deceive? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Bondita feels that if Somnath is open-minded then why he has a problem if Tapur works after marriage. Bondita asks Tapur if she had carefully given the letter to Somnath with her own hands and Tapur says yes. Tupur asks Bondita to forget about these things and start the preparations as there is very little time. Bondita agrees and Tupur takes Tapur to choose her sari. Bondita is not able to convince her confused heart. Batuk is sadly playing a mouth organ in front of Anirudh’s photo when Bondita comes and tells him that she knew he was hiding something from her. Batuk is shocked and becomes restless. He asks her what is he hiding and Bondita just stares at him.

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