Barrister Babu 25th October 2021 Written Update Batuk’s bluff

Barrister Babu 25th October 2021 Written Update Batuk's bluff

Barrister Babu 25th October 2021 Written Update Batuk’s bluff Bondita says to Batuk that she has a doubt that he is hiding something from her. Batuk is scared and why is she doubting him. Bondita says that she knew he didn’t know how to play a mouth organ and how he learned so quickly. Batuk says that when he was in prison a fellow prisoner taught him as she was not around and he was lonely. Bondita tells Batuk that now he is not alone or in prison anymore. Bondita says that elders always say that if a pregnant lady wants her child to look like someone then she must look at them. Batuk shows Anirudh’s photo and tells her to look at him for 24 hours but Bondita says that why should she look at the photo when he is in front of her.

Batuk becomes aggressive and orders Bondita to only look at Anirudh’s picture and not him. Bondita agrees. Batuk sees Tapur coming and plans to get Bondita against her. He purposely asks her if she is not happy with Tapur and Somanth’s marriage and she says she is not. Tapur is hurt and leaves. Bondita clarifies that she is feeling that something is not right. Batuk is asking Bondita to come out fast as he needs his watch. Bondita tells him that as it was broken she sold it to the ragpicker. Batuk is very angry with her because the watch was gifted to him by Anirudh. Bondita gives a new watch to Batuk but he throws it away. Batuk insists on having the same watch and goes to look out for the ragpicker.

Bondita is heartbroken and feels that Anirudh has changed a lot and now she is neither able to understand his love nor his anger. She feels that he doesn’t know him and feels that he is not her husband and someone else. Trilochan listens to this from outside of Bondita’s room. Batuk follows the ragpicker and buys the watch from him and gives him a lot of money. He feels happy that he got back Anirudh’s last gift to him. Trilochan reaches there and asks Batuk what he gets by making Bondita cry all the time. Batuk says that Bondita tried to sell Anirudh’s last gift and he would not have let her sleep peacefully if he didn’t get it back.


Trilochan tells him that the watch is Anirudh’s last gift to him but for Bondita he is only Anirudh. Trilochan warns him that if Bondita investigates and comes to know about his identity then the child in her womb will get harmed. Batuk is not able to listen to it and promises Trilochan that she will behave nicely with Bondita as he needs Anirudh’s baby. Batuk goes to Bondita and she tells him that she knows the truth of his sudden change. Batuk feels that Bondita might have found out that he is Batuk and not Anirudh. Bondita says that she came to know why he gets angry fast and cares a lot about the baby.

Bondita says that she spoke to the doctor and she was told that during the initial weeks of the pregnancy the relationship between a wife and husband changes. Bondita makes Batuk understand that they will not fight but embrace the changes. Bondita tells Batuk that they will become good parents only if they are good husband and wife. She informs Batuk that they will be able to love the child a lot only if they love each other a lot. Bondita tells Batuk that she has decided to only love and not let barriers occur. Batuk thinks that the doctor doesn’t know that all these things are fake and wrong.

Bondita tells I love you to Anirudh/Batuk and says that the doctor has told her that the expecting mother’s health improves if her husband loves her a lot. Bondita asks Batuk to say I love you to her and hug her tightly so that their relationship becomes lovely like before. Batuk says to Bondita that when they were trapped in the river he prayed to Durga maa that he and Bondita should always remain together and so he will not touch her for a year. Bondita is surprised that Anirudh has started behaving opposite to his principles. Batuk becomes emotional and tells Bondita that he has seen his loved ones going away from him and to see them safe he can do anything. Bondita is happy that Anirudh loves her so much and promises to support him in his prayers.

Batuk thinks that he has tears in his eyes but not for her as it is for his big D Anirudh. He feels that Anirudh is not alive because of Bondita. Batuk thinks that once he gets Anirudh’s child in his hand then he will settle all his issues with Bondita once and for all. How will Bondita safeguard herself from Batuk’s evil plans? Will Bondita lose her child to Batuk? Keep reading.

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