Barrister Babu 11th November 2021 Written Update Finale

Barrister Babu 11th November 2021 Written Update Finale

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Barrister Babu 11th November 2021 Written Update Finale Bondita promises Trilochan that she will not leave the house for the reason that the baby belongs to Roy Choudhary family. She tells that she wants to bring the baby to the house, and stay with them all her life. Trilochan melts down his anger on hearing this. She tells him that he may think that Anirudh is dead, but its her faith that her husband is alive. She tells that her existence is the proof of Anirudh’s life. She tells him that she will find Anirudh and bring him home. She asks Trilochan not to stop her and let her go, else he won’t be able to answer Anirudh when the latter returns.

Trilochan also wishes that her faith is true. He apologizes to her that he got so blind in his hatred that he lost faith on her before. He also wants her happiness. He blesses her to be happy. He asks her to stay with them. He pleads her, along with Sampoorna, but Bondita clarifies that she has to go to find Anirudh. She seeks their permission to leave, because she can’t stay back in the house and tolerate Batuk’s hatred. She tells that she is afraid that Batuk may harm her, she wants to leave for the baby’s safety.

Trilochan agrees to her that Batuk has turned into a devil because of his hatred, Batuk isn’t respecting any relation. He asks Bondita to stay at his friend’s house, where she will be taken care of, and also she can find Anirudh. He blesses Bondita and sends her off. Anirudh is still trying to recover. He remembers that his house is in Tulsipur. The old man is glad that he remembered something after a long time. He decides to take Anirudh to Tulsipur and unite him with his family. Anirudh gets excited to go home and meet Bondita.

Bondita gets into labor before leaving the haveli. Trilochan and Sampoorna rush to help her. They decide to take her to the hospital. Batuk reaches them and blocks their way, to tell them that he will be accompanying them to the hospital to welcome his nephew. Trilochan warns him against doing anything against Bondita and the coming baby. Batuk assures that he loves Anirudh’s child a lot. He hates Bondita, but accompanies her for the sake of the child. Trilochan asks Batuk to forget his hatred and let Bondita stay in their house. Batuk acts sweet in front of Trilochan. He tells that he has nothing to say in this regard.

He allows Bondita to stay with them. Trilochan is glad that Batuk is making a new start. Batuk tricks Trilochan and Sampoorna and sends them home. They leave in an urgency when someone informs about the haveli burning. Bondita is in labor, while Batuk plans to throw her out of the house after snatching her baby. He awaits his nephew’s birth. Doctor informs him about Bondita’s critical condition. He tells that they can either save Bondita or her baby. Batuk can’t say it that he cares the least for Bondita. He wants to get rid of her. He asks the doctor to save the baby at the cost of the mother’s life.

Anirudh remembers his address and looks forward to meet Bondita. He makes prayers for Bondita, which really work for her. He is grateful that he recovered. He wants to go back home to meet Bondita. He can’t imagine Bondita’s sorrow in his absence. Bondita delivers her twin babies, a baby boy and a baby girl. Batuk awaits his nephew. Doctor calls it a miracle that Bondita is also fine along with her twins. Batuk gets the news of the twins. He goes mad happily. He takes the babies with him, and tells that Bondita will never see her babies. Bondita gains consciousness. She panics when she doesn’t see her babies.

She learns that Batuk has taken her babies. Nurse stops her from leaving in a weak condition. She tells the nurse that she isn’t weak, she can take the Durga avatar for the sake of her babies. Bondita goes home, only to get a blocked entry by Batuk. She hears Batuk shouting on the family. Batuk locks up the entire family, who pleads him not to separate the babies from Bondita. Batuk tells Trilochan that he wanted to keep the babies at home with them, but Trilochan cheated him by changing his side. He decides to take the babies with him to Italy and raise them. He believes Bondita is Anirudh’s murderer and hates her. Bondita wants to stop Batuk. At the same time, Anirudh reaches Tulsipur. He crosses his way to reach home and surprise Bondita. Anirudh and Bondita’s awaited meet will be next.

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